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  • expanding rosters, allowing guys from the G League to be called up in that, not counting against the cap.

  • What kind of restrictions would they have for doing something like that?

  • They have more bodies to play.

  • Yeah, that's a great question, J.

  • And it's funny you talked to teams and, um, teams.

  • You know, there are teams that want to expand these rosters.

  • Two were at 17.

  • Right now, you can have two G League players Besides your 50 team players, there are some teams that want to expand this Thio 20 to get three players, treat them like two ways so it wouldn't count against the cap.

  • Here, you pay him a prorated salary, and it's almost like a taxi squad.

  • The NHL is doing it.

  • They've got 46 players that they're allowed to carry.

  • And the good part about doing something like that is that they're there in case you need to bring them up.

  • If you are Cleveland, Orlando or even in the case of the heat we're talking about, um, there, there, you know, that would be your your actress about 9 10 11 if you go out and sign a player because of the health and safety protocols.

  • You're not going to get that player for probably a week because of the whole testing standpoint, and and you can't even replace a player that's in the contact tracing quarantine protocol.

  • Um, with that exception, it's only a player who test positive.

  • So there are growing amount of teams that do aren't roster expansion.

  • Then there are some that don't they feel like if you bring in more players, it leaves UME or exposed as far as if a player does test positive here?

  • So it wasn't something that was wasn't changed yesterday.

  • I doubt we're going to see that.

  • But there is a growing, um, there is a growing amount of teams that would like to see some type of roster expansion, even if it's in the in the short term here.

  • And Bobby, how concerned are GMs and coaches that if you can expand the roster that now you're incurring all these different injuries due to the low that players have to play?

  • Especially considering that, you know, for some teams this season, you know, just they have only have about a month and a half off.

  • Yeah, that's that's a that's a big concern.

  • And you look at Orlando Atlanta.

  • Um um, Cleveland Right now, I mean, if those teams have a player that tested and they're and they're you know, they've got six or seven players that are out with injuries, if those seems to get a positive test, I mean, they're gonna be shut down for for a couple weeks here, and that is the concern.

  • I mean, you've seen it with Doc Rivers.

  • Express it with that roster in Philadelphia, and you've got, you know, Ben Simmons back last night here, but the go through, um, games where you know, and it's it's not, you know, game every three or four nights.

  • I mean, we're stuffing 17 games in 31 days in the month of January here, where you have a condensed training camp.

  • Um, you know, we just got done playing in October, Um, that you are going to see injuries occur.

  • And, um and we're seeing that right now.

  • Bobby Marks, ESPN MBA front office insider and farmer, Brooklyn Nets executive.

  • Joining us this morning on Keyshawn J.

  • Will and Zubin Bobby, what are consequences for Kyrie?

  • Irving?

  • Uh, if the MBA finds out that that video that it's surfacing could potentially be dangerous for not only his help, but others.

  • Yeah, I think we're probably going to see some type of suspension for Kyrie.

  • And it's it's based on that.

  • He's going to have to go in tow, you know?

  • Ah, quarantine process like James Harden.

  • Um, had to go The fortunate thing.

  • What Harden was that?

  • There was no games canceled.

  • It was just postponed here.

  • Um and I think with Kyrie, if if the quarantine is seven days or 10 days, whatever games are missed in there that he will lose game pay, which which is a little bit over 400,000.

  • Um, you know, the optics aren't great, you know?

  • Of course.

  • You know, you have a Nets team playing last night and you know, he's on a zoom call.

  • Um, regarding, um, you know something from a politics standpoint in New York City here, um, I'm trying to hold off on on judgment until you know, Kyrie speaks.

  • Um you know, I think we probably owe him at least that benefit of the doubt, but yeah, the optics are not great.

  • As far as with that video, what happened last night here, but yeah, you're looking at.

  • Besides time he's missed, he will probably be forced to go into some type of quarantine process where, like that, is that he's gonna be out 7 to 10 days.

  • Bobby, you mentioned, uh, you know James Harden a second ago.

  • First time Last night was the first time that we actually heard something come out of James his mouth alluding to the fact that he does not want to be in Houston and he's done everything that he could possibly do to try and win there.

  • But as he said, the team is just not very good with that being said, What do you do?

  • Is a a former executive, uh, with a guy like James Harden that does not wanna be there, What do you do?

  • Yeah, I'm still holding.

  • I'm still holding off.

  • Not.

  • And I'm not holding off to the belief that Harden is going to change his mind that, um, you know, he's gonna want to stay there.

  • I think that's that's long gone here, but I'm still holding off till February past February 6, when thes roster restrictions were lifted on most of these players in the trademark.

  • It really opens up.

  • And I do think you probably do get to a point if you're Houston, if you re evaluate as far as what your asking price is going to be, um, you know, instead of getting 90 cents on the dollar and maybe you're gonna have to get 75 cents on the dollar here.

  • But yeah, I I don't think we'll see James Harden in a uniformed when, um, you know, when the when the trade deadline is in March, March 25th here.

  • But I am still trying to play that the patients game.

  • But, um, you know, hard.

  • And I think what you're seeing, guys is that this Laker team, you know, that exposed a lot of things here.

  • They have not played well.

  • He hasn't played well in the last four games.

  • You know his free throw attempts are down, his points down his turnovers.

  • Air up.

  • Um, so it's gonna be an interesting thing.

  • As far as what?

  • It reminds me a lot of, um and I went through in New Jersey with Vince Carter in Toronto, where Vince was not happy, did not play well, and then we got him in a trade in 2000 and four, and he played really well for us.

  • And if that's going to be the case here, But you know, im as I said, I'm playing the waiting game unless it's a complete disruption here and I'm still looking for the best available trade package March 25th, that seems like a long, long, long way away.

  • But as we mentioned earlier this morning, you gotta use all that time.

  • Do your due diligence to get the best possible deal.

  • E.

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expanding rosters, allowing guys from the G League to be called up in that, not counting against the cap.

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