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  • mhm.

  • Yeah, yes.

  • Way we owe.

  • Like I said, I'll make a comparable Hayes in my lungs home.

  • Hang in the front.

  • Okay?

  • You wanna start up?

  • Never give me those on that estos halo crow.

  • So look like I'm writing plays And one year my *** so great I have a straight bitch.

  • Tell me going both ways Touch me, Tease me, Kiss me, please me I'll give it to you Just how you like it, girl, You know, rocking with the best trade count on my hip Teflon on my chest They say I'm no good because I'm so good.

  • Which folks do not want me around Because she might pop off this shit Pop off.

  • Somebody's gonna get laid the fuck out.

  • They called the new money.

  • Said I have no class.

  • I'm putting up bottom.

  • I came up too fast.

  • Hell, if I can just get my can't boozy ass bitches Shoot is my ass way.

  • Nobody do it like you do it.

  • So show us love.

  • This is what way.

  • Make a moving that way.

  • Nobody.

  • Oh, Daytona's on a cherry.

  • 64 white walls cleaning like I'm riding on both switch main.

  • That asshole O Kelly got *** in New York right now Go touch me.

  • Tease me.

  • Kiss me, please.

  • Me, I give it to you just how you like it, girl, you're now rocking with the best £4 on my gold chain on my chest 50 Bentley, uh, came and got a fresh out of swathe automatic gun.

  • Fucking one on one with pumpkin pumpkin and stuck it on your skin.

  • Time you ready?

  • Here comes Karl Lloyd Banks.

  • And get this motherfucker Crockett to Mars.

  • We got it done.

  • Signed with G on the head, *** like, huh?

  • Don't try the front.

  • I'll leave your ass slump thinking I'm a pump Get your fucking head Look, you gotta go.

  • You didn't come, My brother.

  • Drama flow Sounds better than average tracks on my savage damage front on my neck.

  • Mhm, Mhm.

  • Okay.

  • E o flipping through my bases out my favorite.

  • No vote.

  • You hear that way down and bring it to your way of hatred That made us more held on way.

  • It's alright.

  • Must believe inside calories.

  • Yeah, No way.

  • Punching ball game headed.

  • Stop off six mile Kentucky.

  • Move them over Twinkies with Booth because you know they got 79 to build early.

  • Cal Tadich Grill in a State 65 heading down the field.

  • Last field, Tippett Top Backseat Been spent.

  • My last pocket, Linda.

  • Damn shame.

  • Got a ground?

  • Anything and everything.

  • Democrats across the county line with Mary Jane long time ago.


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B1 ass pumpkin rocking chest fucking front


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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/01/13
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