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  • Laura.

  • The Philadelphia Eagles have fired their Super Bowl winning head coach, Doug Peterson.

  • He met with Jeffrey Lurie, the owner today, and Jeffrey Lurie made the decision to move on from Doug Peterson to go a separate direction.

  • And I think there are a combination of factors that contributed Toe Loury's decision.

  • We start with the fact of the season with the team winning four games in a division that was right to be one, and the Eagles had the worst record in the division.

  • Then you mix into Sunday night debacle against the Washington football team, in which the Eagles laid down on national television and essentially gift wrapped the NFC East title to Washington.

  • And then in the postseason meetings in which Jeffrey Lurie wanted to hear dog Peterson's vision for the franchise moving forward, the assistance he planned to hire to replace Jim Schwartz on the defensive side of the football assistance they let go on the offensive side of the football.

  • Don't think Jeffrey Lurie loved what he heard.

  • I think that Doug Peterson was happy to promote from within, and I think Jeffrey Lurie was looking for a broader, bigger, more ambitious vision from Doug Peterson.

  • And so three seasons after Doug Peterson becomes the first coach in Eagles history toe lead them to a Super Bowl title.

  • Three years later, he sent packing, fired, now a coaching free agent.

  • So much more on this throughout the day.

  • Adam Schefter with us all show long, so a lot more to get to their Dan.

  • This is the thing that keeps coming to mind as you think about the Eagles in their future.

  • Let's start here.

  • What does this mean for Carson Wentz?

  • Pressures on big time pressures on my initially I think.

  • Okay, there was the power struggle we've been saying for weeks.

  • Are the Eagles gonna choose Doug Peterson or Carson Wentz?

  • There's a little bit of me that feels like Carson Wentz one out here, right?

  • So now the pressure goes to Carson Wentz because they're obviously making the decision with a little bit him in mind.

  • And the next decision is gonna be with him in mind as well.

  • What Head coach loves Carson Wentz?

  • What head coach believes that Carson Wentz could be a superstar in the NFL?

  • What head coach has got the ambitious vision that chef, he just said to fix Carson Wentz, get him back on track because once that hires made, it's gonna be all eyes on number 11 going.

  • Okay, now the coaching decision is there.

  • You got to go play big time football.

  • And so there is a ton of pressure on Carson Wentz again.

  • And when you think about that Meena, it's because of the money that's owed to Carson wins right there, trying to bring somebody in who could potentially make that work long term.

  • Do you think, though, that Doug Peterson loses his job if he doesn't bench Jalen hurts in that game that everyone continues to talk about?

  • That's the million dollar question or the $100 million question.

  • I can't remember how much Carson Wentz is contract is worth because it certainly felt like not a solely Peterson made decision.

  • I'm trying to put this gently, um, and now and that's important, right, because as we spin this forward, we're not only asking what sort of coach could do.

  • All the things that Dan listed were also asking what sort of coach wants this job because it's not a great one.

  • You gotta capped out roster with a ton of aging veterans.

  • You have a big question mark at the quarterback position, and you have exactly what Dan described, which is a power struggle that occurred and not just involving the quarterback in the coach, but also the front office.

  • I know you hate game of Thrones references because you don't watch the show and get him.

  • But don't put your sin.

  • Just gotten a head start.

  • You did okay.

  • And whatever coach is looking at this job knows what just happened.

  • And you are walking into a very tricky situation, Marcus.

  • Two things come to mind.

  • One.

  • The coaching search landscape should change because Doug Peterson is a good coach, all right.

  • The second thing is, when you look at everything that transpired in Philly this year, I said the only way Doug Peterson would be fired if he lost the locker room, right?

  • So I didn't have the, You know, I don't have the inside info about what's going on with him and Howie, Roseman and Laurie.

  • I don't know that relationship dynamic.

  • We knew there was some bad blood between him and Carson Wentz, obviously, And if the decision was made predicated on that, you could view that as losing the locker room as well.

  • But I played for the Cowboys.

  • Y'all in eight years, I played for three different coaches.

  • It's been it's been 25 years since you, they've been to the Super Bowl like the good coaches are not just walking around.

  • I know we get enamored at the end of the season with all of these guys and excited about what they could.

  • Potentially Dio.

  • I'm not firing a coach that just won the Super Bowl and took us to the playoffs with a ravage roster over one bad year.

  • I'm not doing the first ever Super Bowl title.

  • Rot to Philadelphia By DOUG Peterson His statue is out in front of the stadium, and when you think about this and I think it's it's really worth bringing up, we'll go back to Adam Schefter here.

  • Obviously, the coaching search changes as Marcus mentioned, the landscape changes.

  • But what type of coach are the Eagles looking for here at um well, first of all, changes is one more coach in the pool and Doug Peterson and there are a lot of people who believe that Doug Peterson has strong connections to the Jets general manager Joe Douglas and that Doug Peterson will be a candidate for the New York Jets general manager or the New York Jets head coaching job.

  • As for the Eagles were looking for Look, I think this just happened.

  • I think they're sifting through their options.

  • I don't think that they thought they were gonna be in the spot that they are today.

  • And I think Jeffrey Loria would like to be drawn to some dynamic, offensive minded coach who can help Carson Wentz or Jalen Hurts fulfill their potential whatever quarterback they decided to go with.

  • But it's a tricky proposition again.

  • They are now playing catch up to the other six teams in the league who have head coaching vacancies who essentially have been through their first round of zoom interviews.

  • Uh, now the upside here is that he goes, don't have to jet around the country.

  • They can't get around the country and go meet with everybody because that's not how the interview process works this year.

  • So tomorrow the next day, whenever they start this, they could get a bunch of candidates on zoom calls and begin to play catch up with the candidates that they desire is going to be so interesting to watch.

  • And really another great point by all of you that Doug Peterson's name is now in this mix as well.

  • For those openings that Adam mentioned, I want to get your reaction to that connection that Adam just talked about to the Jets with Doug Peterson.

  • Well, if I'm Doug Peterson and I get to go from the Eagles to the Jets, I'm stoked.

  • That's a much better job.

  • We're gonna watch the national championship tonight, catch us all on ESPN.

  • Two.

  • You're talking right now, and I guarantee you the that Joe Douglas and everyone in the Jets organizations gonna be watching Justin Fields because they got a lot of big decisions.

  • But they've also got everything I just said The Eagles don't have.

  • The Jets have young core cap space draft picks.

  • Um, there's a lot of flexibility there.

  • And, as Marcus pointed out, Doug Peterson is approving Coach.


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Philadelphia Eagles fire head coach Doug Pederson after five seasons | NFL Live

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