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  • before we get into all the X's and O's and everything that happened, what did you make of the overall emotion of this game coming in first markets?

  • How it played out during the game as well.

  • Yeah, listen, pressure right.

  • We talked about Lamar Jackson leading up into this playoff game and obviously, his early exit.

  • So you look at this game a 10 hour lead.

  • What's the what's the scariest thing for the Ravens to get behind?

  • Like all of those things, start coming to your mind.

  • And then you saw at some point Greg Roman.

  • The offensive for the coordinator for the Baltimore Ravens.

  • Say, Hey, I have Lamar Jackson and used him the way you should use the best player on the field and eventually it starts to take hold.

  • I think the reality is neither of these teams like each other.

  • Exactly.

  • You know, like when this goes back to last year, Baltimore's the one seed, the MVP of the NFL, and then Tennessee goes in there and knocks him out.

  • It's been brewing since then, and then they play in the middle of the season this year and these teams are both cut from the same cloth.

  • We wanna physically beat you up.

  • We wanna play in your face, pound the rocks, smash mouth football.

  • We think we're better than you and you think you're better than us.

  • Let's find out at the end of day, Like Marcus said, Baltimore proved today that they could win ugly, that they could win kind of without the explosiveness of Lamar Jackson, and they got their kind of nose bloodied a little bit.

  • And then at the end of day, it was just absolutely spectacular with his feet time now for T Mobile postgame coverage, more from Nashville, Steve Levy and the crew.

  • Well, let's make something clear, right?

  • We're not rooting for teams.

  • We do root for people sometimes, and you have to feel good for Lamar Jackson.

  • And we started the show by saying It's a ridiculous sample size.

  • It was on Lee two games, but he had lost both, and he'd heard it and try to change the narrative.

  • And he did just that with his arm and his legs today.

  • Yeah, he sure did.

  • Look, he he held up his end of the bargain for sure, especially from a playmaking perspective in the beginning of the game.

  • We said this, though.

  • It was gonna take a complimentary type of football game.

  • And what did that mean?

  • Them in the defense was gonna have to play its part.

  • And, boy, did they ever.

  • They put in a performance that wink Martindale be very proud of.

  • I think you know the pressure coming into this game for the Morrow was probably greater than for any player in these playoffs, and he was gonna be scrutinized and win or lose.

  • This game was gonna be remembered for Lamar Jackson if he if he lost the game, everybody's gonna continue the narrative that he couldn't get it done.

  • And now that he's won it, people will come back to this.

  • And let's say that was the game where he finally got over the hump and he didn't get off to a great start, right?

  • It's It's 10.

  • Nothing.

  • Tennessee Lamar threw an interception on that second drive, but Lewis, you talked about the defense for a second.

  • And you know, Lamar was supposed to be one half of the story and Derrick Henry was the other and Henry just didn't show up.

  • Not on not on paper not on the field and full marks that Baltimore defense.

  • But, you know, So what if I told you?

  • Derek Hen, who had rushed just 40 yards in the game after rushing for 2000 this season, had the fifth best rushing season in history, has won consecutive rushing titles and his health of 40 yards in the playoff game here?

  • You know, I don't think you could put it all on Derrick Henry.

  • It's not like he didn't show up.

  • I think that this was a plan that was put in place by Wink Martindale, and it was a physical defensive line for Baltimore.

  • They re established the line of scrimmage.

  • There was nowhere for Derrick Henry to go, so I think you got to give that Baltimore defense more credit than taking it away from Derek as unique of an athlete as he is as unique as a runner as he is in the history of the NFL.

  • I don't think we've ever seen anybody that big that fast other than maybe Eric Dickerson and who, he said.

  • You know, people used to compare him to the game still comes down to the trenches.

  • It comes down to the line of scrimmage, and we know that running backs are nothing without the line of scrimmage being captured on their behalf.

  • And wink Martindale wasn't having it and his guys weren't having it tonight.

  • And that's what you get.

  • You shut down the greatest runner in the game today and Kansas City or Buffalo.

  • They'll get thes Baltimore Ravens come next weekend.

  • So Lamar Jackson, the playoff win count is off and running.

  • Got his first victory here today.

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before we get into all the X's and O's and everything that happened, what did you make of the overall emotion of this game coming in first markets?

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