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  • tonight.

  • I am a happy man.

  • I am smiling.

  • You can see it on my face.

  • Ear to ear, baby.

  • Because we won.

  • We won today.

  • Just hours ago, I posted a concerning video about our friends over at Talk Radio here in London.

  • One of their hosts, my graham, I've had on London Real.

  • They do incredible journalism.

  • And today their YouTube channel with a quarter million subscribers was completely suspended.

  • D platform deleted and banned.

  • And I have been under that same threat for the past nine months here, ever since our first interview last year in April with Mr Ike.

  • And it's been like terrorism.

  • To be honest, every single day, I've been told by that platform that I am one upload away from being completely de platform forever.

  • For me, that's personally 10 years of my life.

  • Six documentary films, 1000 guests, um, half a billion views on that hangs as a sword over my head every single day from that damn platform.

  • That also gives me a massive amount of reach toe all of these people in the world, and it's a horrible situation to be in.

  • But they've threatened me, and I've always felt so powerless.

  • And so when I saw them deep platform an incredible media channel like talk radio today, it was massively disconcerting.

  • It's one of the reasons that one of my policies as the next mayor of London is freedom of speech.

  • You could go see it on my mayoral page.

  • I have an entire section dedicated to digital freedom of speech.

  • We had an open letter that's been signed a quarter of a million times outlining why I think this is a basic human right, regardless, if it's happening on a private companies platform like Alphabet, which owns Google.

  • And so it was really disconcerting today to see talk radio be completely shut down because they have conversations that challenged the narrative.

  • And we've now found out that they got a content strike from YouTube for interviewing a conservative politician.

  • And again, they are just speaking the truth.

  • And honestly, I thought that even today, London Real could disappear forever and again.

  • That's 10 years of incredible content that I know has quite literally save people's lives around the world.

  • And so this is a win today for the people against big tech and against big government and against big everything.

  • And I'm so proud.

  • I think all of you should be proud because everyone voiced their support for talk radio.

  • Um, I sent the text message today.

  • I offered to help if we could in any way.

  • And I'm so pleased to see them come back because YouTube hides behind their community policies.

  • And again, I've had multiple conversations with their people, multiple email threads, months and months of back and forth.

  • And they hide behind a community policy that is completely subjective, that they can trigger whenever they want for any piece of content that you put up and they hang this sword over you and it's like terrorism.

  • And I told this point blank to a conversation that might or might not have been recorded with a YouTube rep, where I said, You are acting like a terrorist because I feel that every day you're about to shut down my entire digital persona and I have no idea what you're gonna choose to do it.

  • What I'm doing is speaking the truth, and you're not allowing me to do that.

  • It was so frustrating, and I spent most of last year campaigning for freedom of speech and a lack of censorship we got We got completely vilified in the media for our fights.

  • We raised an incredible amount of money, built a digital freedom platform and delivered for our fundraisers and our fans.

  • We did incredible content that would have been banned and deleted on the social platforms we live streamed the biggest audience of a human conversation in history.

  • We live stream the biggest world premiere off a documentary film as well on that.

  • So I'm so happy today that they fought back and YouTube has now re platform the entire channel of talk radio.

  • And you know what it tells me?

  • It tells me that we can win.

  • We can win.

  • The people can win waken go up against a big technology trillion dollar company like alphabet, and we can go up against these politicians that are lying to us that have failed us that are not giving us the information that air following their own agendas that are not using the science that are making this disproportionate response to the virus and showing no backbone and no leadership.

  • It shows me that we can win on the people have spoken.

  • We now have our own digital media.

  • What's up, baby?

  • You got me.

  • People like that are supporting me.

  • That's what I'm talking about.

  • All right, All right, man.

  • And so the people like this guy here are going to take us into City Hall.

  • We're gonna start with the nine million citizens in London on.

  • We're gonna head to head on a regular basis against the technology platforms and anybody else that wants to step in our way.

  • So thank you.

  • We won tonight.

  • Leaving your comments.

  • I love you guys.


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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/01/12
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