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  • I wanna make London the best place to be as a kid.

  • That's what I want.

  • I wanna make London the best place to be in the world as a kid.

  • And to do that, we need to invest in our families on one of the most incredible ways to do this is with family hubs and family hubs is really an innovative structure that I want to talk about today.

  • You can see their website here today and I want to play for you.

  • A video on this is from Lord Farmer when he was here on our episode and this is him talking about family hubs and how they work.

  • So here he is, Lord Farmer talking about this innovative structure.

  • I mean, at the moment, we're very much involved, was setting up family hubs throughout the UK, which will be a center in the each town or city, which and anybody could walk into be non stigmatizing.

  • It's a family Hubbert, where there's lots of services centered.

  • All the people there know where to go.

  • You go in there and you say, Well, you know, I'm a single mum, But my my son, I think he's just started taking cocaine.

  • He's 13.

  • He's got getting involved with county lines or something.

  • What do I do?

  • You know, she's probably got all the stigma, the fear of talking about that social services.

  • Or so you know, what we're trying to do is create this on the government's taking note of it.

  • They actually mentioned family hubs in the manifesto This'll Countrywide's system, where people will have somewhere to g o toe help with their family problems.

  • It maybe I got a son who started hitting me.

  • What do I dio?

  • Yeah, right.

  • So it's a different type of almost prescriptive treatment as opposed to, like you said, throwing money at it after the problem, where it's usually five or 10 times bigger.

  • Yeah, and it's absolutely well, it it's preventative, you got, you got council, you've got people who could help people who can.

  • You know, the son and the mother could meet, you know, a counselor together, or there are whole services that can can move in before you get a situation where the social services move in in a big way on Dsev Parade people.

  • And so you're probably asking yourself what is family hubs?

  • What is exactly that structure.

  • What is it about and what does it do?

  • So let me describe to you exactly what it is.

  • And again here's ah, their website here on screen, um, you could go check it out and more detail on your own.

  • But family hubs are an innovative concept that were first deployed in 2009.

  • It brings together physical and virtual resource, is in a coordinated way to ensure that families receive the support they need when they need it the most on Let me emphasize these air places for parents as well as Children.

  • And it comprises a network of providers with Children that from 0 to 19 years old, and parents and the family hub share a single approach to bringing together early intervention work delivered by the wide spectrum of early help services.

  • And just to be clear, this includes Children's services, health, visiting school, health, housing, maternity services and local voluntary service providers.

  • This also uses three existing Children center hub sites, and they're also going to source new locations to provide the opportunity to bring families into a physical building.

  • And they have an incredible virtual network, a well and So the great thing about family hubs is they have been working since 2009.

  • They've been rolled out across the country and they have been delivering incredible results.

  • And I want to share with you some of the results that they have found in Doncaster, with which is a city to the north of us, were local government have enjoyed some tremendous success here when it comes to the family hub model.

  • And I wanna put with put some stats with you on the screen of some of the incredible success that they're having.

  • 72% of the Children they work with have learned new skills.

  • 74% of the Children are now following routines.

  • 63% of the Children are understanding Maura about excuses are becoming school ready.

  • 83% of the parents are understanding Maura about child development.

  • 33% of the parents have improved their mental health, and 21% of the parents believe they have better access toe local services.

  • And one of the important statistics that you'll see in there is that this isn't just another Children center.

  • This really looks at a holistic approach to the family.

  • So we're putting attention into our parents as well as to into.

  • Our Children were focusing on the fathers, the mothers as well as the Children, and we're giving support for everyone.

  • Emotional support, practical support, health support and the successes in Doncaster have been absolutely incredible.

  • And in London they have been a swell.

  • And so far 13% of the local authorities are delivering the family.

  • The family hubs model with councils like Westminster, Kensington and Chelsea Barking and Dagenham Andi, others as well, leading the way to this multi agency approach and again another further 29% off.

  • These local authorities are in the process of implementing what really is this tailored approach.

  • Um, and they're also in practicing a lot of the principles that we see and a lot of the boroughs that are doing this or having some real effect.

  • And these air burrows like Brent Lewisham, Bexley Barnett, Camden and Bromley, they are rolling out approaches to this family hubs as well.

  • And what I want to see is your next mayor of London ISMM or local authorities and Mawr Burrows rolling out this Family hubs model.

  • It's been proven toe work But what we want to make sure that we do is this.

  • We wanna make sure that each borough and each local authority finds a bespoke way of integrating this family hubs model into their own issues.

  • And let's be honest, every borough, the ones that I go speak to, they all have their own issues.

  • They all have support from community centers, sometimes from churches, sometimes from from other places that help Children.

  • Um, you know, like boxing gyms and things like that, and they can draw on what they need from the community.

  • They might have a physical resource.

  • They can USA's well, but they could also provide support.

  • And I think each local authority in each borough needs toe almost have a bespoke approach of how they can integrate thes family hubs and really make a difference and provide MAWR support to the family structure.

  • And I just wanted to finish on a testimonial, and this is Nikki.

  • She is a single mother of two, and this is a short video of her describing her experience with the family hub, and here's Nicky, describing about some of the positive impacts that it had on her and her family.

  • Hi, my name is Nikki.

  • I'm a single month one daughter and one son.

  • I was forwarded on to Kirsty from Bernardo's by the school As I was struggling with my health, which was affecting my Children and my family life.

  • Kirstie has been an amazing support to myself and my Children.

  • She has made regular visits to my home and shown me new techniques and tips that I can so that I can bond better with my Children.

  • Kirstie has referred me to young carers as well so that I can have some meat on to recharge my batteries so that I'm in a better frame of mind for my Children.

  • Come back home.

  • Since Kirstie has come along, the family life has settled so much Mawr, my son Spoiling outburst is a thing of the past.

  • Now on for this alone, I can only thank Kirsty so heartfelt.

  • Thank you.

  • My wife.

  • Why stop my wife?

  • Uh huh.

I wanna make London the best place to be as a kid.

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