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  • Let's talk about be positive because, um, sitcoms thes days they're tricky now that the the old you know, you can't have an audience do use a laugh track.

  • What do you dio?

  • I mean, yeah, we managed to shoot our very first, like the pilot episode back in the fall.

  • So we did get a live audience, and we get to know what that felt like.

  • But, yeah, we have toe.

  • The show must go on.

  • So we do have a little bit of help and post for the last.

  • And what is it like working with a laugh track?

  • I've never done that.

  • Um, clearly there is some.

  • It's probably gotten a lot more sophisticated than the laugh tracks that were used, you know, for shows in the sixties and stuff that seems Goodness.

  • Oh, gosh, yes, yes.

  • No, The technology has improved much as of late.

  • We basically have a you know, it's a software that you know kicks in any time.

  • There's ah, hilarious thing.

  • You just sort of pause and wait for it.

  • I mean, I could I could demonstrate it for you right now.

  • It's pretty e.

  • I would like to hear it because you're You seem to claim that it's much more sophisticated and there's actually an algorithm at work that Z I didn't know that.

  • Yeah, it automatically detects when there's a punch line.

  • That's so cool.

  • Let's try.

  • Uh, okay, great.

  • Let's see, Maybe some topical, uh, pandemic humor that always does.

  • Well, people love pandemic jokes.

  • Sure.

  • All right.

  • Um, 6 ft apart.

  • What is this high school prom?

  • I have to say those people sounded angrier than that.

  • Sounded like an angry mob that was coming after you through the internet.

  • It it sort of loses its quality.

  • It really did sound like they had sticks.

  • And they wanted to hit you.

  • Yeah, like a 19 fifties like movie where it's like All right, break it up.

  • You alright?

  • So it detected that there was something funny there or mildly Congress and put it in.

  • Yeah, yeah, but the thing is, you can adjust all kinds of parameters.

  • You know, you can change the audiences age or gender race or even there's their species.

  • Conan, you can change the species of the audience.

  • Yes.

  • Here's a little singer I wrote for all the bears out there.

  • Um goes to look something like this Quarantine for six months?

  • No, thanks, pal.

  • I'd rather just hibernate that Z.

  • That's fantastic.

  • Those air and that Z, that's the sign of a bear enjoying the joke.

  • They're losing it.

  • You may, you may.

  • You may hear that sound effect and think, No, that's just simply a bear jacking off.

  • No, he's laughing.

  • Okay, so it can change to the species.

  • That's interesting.

  • Any and anyway Oh, yeah, Easy.

  • I mean, like, who?

  • Why don't we do some jackhammers?

  • I mean, seriously, anything works.

  • Um, let me see.

  • Let me just come up with the spontaneous singer right now.

  • Completely improvised.

  • Oh, have you Have you heard about the new breakthrough in jackhammer technology?

  • They say it's groundbreaking.

  • You know what really helps to the pause between when you say it and when the sound effect comes in?

  • Yeah.

  • That Z algorithm frantically searching for the right button depress.

  • Alright.

  • So let's say I did it and I came out the top of the show.

  • And, um, you know, I'm talking about, um you know, the big explosion in zoom conversations and how many of them there are now and I go zoom conversation sounds to me more like boom conversation.

  • Thes air crickets.

  • Yeah.

  • No.

  • Yeah, but I mean, I had said it to cricket.

  • So you actually killed it this time?

  • Those are crickets.

  • Yeah.

  • Don't tell me.

  • Really Stuck up the show.

  • So how long have you been?

  • You've been a pilot for five years in a cartoon character, I think, for probably 35 years, ever since I was birthed out of that acme black hole.

Let's talk about be positive because, um, sitcoms thes days they're tricky now that the the old you know, you can't have an audience do use a laugh track.

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