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  • today, I wanted to share a few things that we do to enjoy van life responsibly.

  • We feel extremely grateful that there are so many places around the country that allow us to park our van overnight for free.

  • But unfortunately, more often than not, we've pulled up to find these campsites trashed bottles, cans and use toilet paper everywhere.

  • We like to leave every spot looking better than when we arrive, so we always keep a pair of gloves and compostable bags in the van so that we can tidy up before leaving.

  • And we always make sure that we're dumping in the appropriate designated areas.

  • We use an app called Io Verlander to find dump stations were best to avoid parking overnight in big cities, but when passing through certain areas, it could be hard to avoid when looking for places to park overnight.

  • We always read the signs.

  • Some cities have vehicle length and height restrictions, so depending on the size of your van, it could be worth it to do a quick Google search to make sure you're in the clear before finding a spot to park before heading to our final spot for the night we always make sure to put our window covers on and do anything we need to do outside of the van before we arrive.

  • When choosing a spot to park, we always try to avoid parking directly in front of someone's home and offer side streets instead.

  • Way also avoid overly crowded streets to avoid taking parking spots away from residents.

  • We always arrive late and leave early and do our best to be quiet and respectful.

  • Best case scenario.

  • No one will even know we were there.

  • Downsizing to a van has given 89 the opportunity to finally get out of debt and stop living paycheck to paycheck on.

  • We recognize the privilege that comes with being able to choose this lifestyle.

  • We wanted to come up with a way that we could give back to the communities in the areas that we traveled Thio.

  • So we came up with a plan.

  • We added up all the money we've saved on rent so far and calculated a percentage to put away.

  • To donate each month way.

  • Make a monthly contribution to this website that helps us acknowledge and learn about the native land that will be traveling on on when traveling through cities, we look for community care organizations that we can donate Thio.

  • Today I'm gonna tell you guys about the propane system in our van.

  • Our propane system powers things like our two burner stove, our heater and our on demand water heater, which allows us to take nice hot showers and wash dishes a little more easily.

  • Our propane tank is located inside the driver's side bench for safety.

  • It's in a sealed box that's vented to the outside of the van.

  • And we also have a propane detector.

  • We use a five gallon propane tank that we only have to switch out every few months.

  • E I'm gonna stay here a while.

  • Yeah, I'm gonna here.

  • Uh huh.

  • Yeah.

  • Stop.

  • Always be.

today, I wanted to share a few things that we do to enjoy van life responsibly.

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How To Enjoy Van Life Responsibly

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/01/12
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