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  • Let's talk about the game you're calling tomorrow night in Ohio State's quarterback, Justin Fields, obviously a huge showing in his last game.

  • But what kind of NFL quarterback do you think he'll be?

  • It's a great question.

  • You know, I think coming into the Clemson game, there were doubts coming into the season.

  • Uh, there was Trevor Lawrence, and then I think there was there was a good look at Justin Fields is being that next guy, I think he reminded people of who he can be at the next level with his decision making not just the arm strength and battling through pain.

  • But I think the throws that he made, I mean, look at the throw downfield.

  • He's donut 65 yards on it, right on a ah line in a spot right where his receiver could make a play.

  • Um, I think he's special.

  • I think if you look at the way the game is trending, you guys talk about it every week.

  • His skill set fits in the NFL.

  • The one question that I think people in the NFL will want to see him continue to progress, which most college quarterbacks.

  • It's an area they've got to get better is not locking in on primary with an inability toe work through progressions.

  • He's got to continue to grow there.

  • But if you go by the Clemson game and what he showed, I think he really took it.

  • Is a personal one on one challenge, his chance to show everybody that he can play against Trevor Lawrence, and he had his best game of his career.

  • So it's an area that has really worked hard to improve.

  • But you cannot argue with 63 to 25 the athletic ability to create when things air off schedule, I think he'll be a great pro.

  • I think it's just matter of him finding the or the system, picking his skill set to fit into what they like to dio.

  • Yeah, Randy and I were talking about this week.

  • This is a guy who can make himself a whole lot of money tomorrow night if he has a big game on the other side.

  • Another guy who's had a big week, Alabama receiver Devante Smith.

  • What your expectations for him tomorrow night, man, it's it's crazy to think the receivers that they've had on their roster going all the way back to Julio Jones and Amari Cooper and Calvin Ridley, and we saw Judy and Henry rugs go to the Raiders.

  • And yet here's maybe the best of them on If you look at him and his in his outfit, he's so slight, right?

  • You think you know he doesn't have the physicality to make it in the NFL, but he's wiry, strong.

  • I'm gonna tell you something.

  • Randy can really appreciate this.

  • He's a superstar, but he's the hardest working guy on their team.

  • He's most humble superstar you're ever going to see.

  • Um, he's a long strider.

  • He's got long arms.

  • He is a tough one on one matchup.

  • Andi, I just love how he attacked with the practice yesterday.

  • This this kid doesn't take a rep off.

  • He's a gunner on the punt team.

  • He returns punts.

  • He returns Kickoffs.

  • He's just gonna be a guy that wherever he goes, he'll be a breath of fresh air for that organization.

  • They will love his approach to the game, very similar to Julio as Faras, just hardest working guy on the team.

  • So Ohio State has their hands full trying to defend him.

  • Najee Harris.

  • There's talk to Jaylen.

  • Waddle may try to go a lot of lot of weapons on this Alabama offense, and again, Randi can appreciate going back to the LSU team a year ago and all those weapons, including his son, had tied in.

  • It's an offense like that.

  • They have a distributor, a quarterback, not maybe to the level of Joe Burrow, but the same kind of philosophy and what they're trying to dio.

  • If I'm Ohio State, man, you better bend.

  • But don't break.

  • Try to make them executing score touchdowns in the red zone.

  • You cannot give up the explosives.

  • Thio, Devante Smith and company.

  • Yeah, Herbie.

  • One thing's for sure.

  • NFL scouts.

  • NFL G.

  • M's NFL coaches.

  • Everybody's gonna be watching that game tomorrow night.

  • So much talent on both teams.

  • We appreciate your time.

  • We're jealous that I think you might.

  • I might have even seen some sweat.

  • It's warm down there.

  • Enjoy the game.

  • Tomorrow night, we'll be watching.

  • Thanks Serving.

  • Don't miss the college football playoff national championship presented by A T and T.

  • Plenty of those NFL prospects on display.

Let's talk about the game you're calling tomorrow night in Ohio State's quarterback, Justin Fields, obviously a huge showing in his last game.

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