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  • I'm Mira Royal Detective, and we're on the case.

  • We're on the case, we're on the case

  • I spy with my magnifying glass something pretty.

  • - I wonder what they got. - And it's floating

  • - and flying in the sky. - Very interesting.

  • Look at little closer with your magnifying glass

  • It's kites, more kites,

  • and even more kites flying in the air.

  • - Both: Ta-dah! - Oh.

  • This is a kite festival,

  • one of the most exciting Indian traditions.

  • I guess we can give our number one fans a sneak peek.

  • This festival is to celebrate the start of spring

  • and is called Makar Sankranti.

  • - Sounds great. - People come from all over

  • to celebrate and fly kites together.

  • They're flying so high.

  • There are so many kinds of kites,

  • and they come in all different shapes and sizes.

  • - Really? - Some are very big.

  • Some kites have beautiful patterns,

  • and some are even shaped like animals.

  • Hey, yeah, you're right.

  • There is even a competition between kite fliers

  • to bring each other's kites down.

  • - Bring it on. - This festival also includes

  • yummy treats to eat.

  • You do not want to fly a kite on an empty stomach.

  • And this kite even looks like a treat called a jalebi.

  • - Kite fliers, it's time. - Whoa!

  • The whole day is high-flying fun.

  • The kite festival is incredible.

  • We just solved the case of the kite festival,

  • an amazing Indian tradition.

  • - Can we come every year? - Both: Definitely!

  • Come and solve more cases with "Mira Royal Detective"

  • on Disney Junior.

  • We're on the case

I'm Mira Royal Detective, and we're on the case.

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Kite Festival | We're on the Case | Mira, Royal Detective | @Disney Junior

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