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  • so yesterday, the prime minister hinted that he is considering canceling the elections for this year in May.

  • Now, just to be clear, that not only effects the mayoral race here in London, which I'm a part of, but it also effects county and civil city Council elections all throughout the country.

  • And this is the reason that this is just not acceptable.

  • Our basic, fundamental democratic human right means that way.

  • Get toh, vote for leaders that represent us in our interests and I got a question for you.

  • Are you happy with every single decision that your elected official has made in the past?

  • Say, 10 months?

  • Are you happy with them?

  • Well, then you should be concerned if you can't vote also by giving these officials another year, that's actually not what we signed up for.

  • For example, the current mayor of London was supposed to be in for a four year term.

  • He's got an extra year that none of us agreed Thio.

  • It also means that these people aren't being held accountable because your views could have changed.

  • And maybe you want someone new now and they're not being held accountable in real time if you postpone or cancel an election, so this is very alarming.

  • It should be very alarming for you and it's something we have to make sure doesn't happen.

  • So we have started a petition on you can click on the link below and sign it.

  • And if we get enough signatures, then Parliament will have to answer to this and were demanding free and fair elections in this country.

  • Again, we're happy to consider other options, like postal voting, although we know there are flaws there.

  • But at the same time, the prime minister already ruled that out, and I don't think that's fair.

  • And I think the people need to stand up and make our voice heard and say, No, this is not happening because the two party system is very good at this.

  • They're just gonna kick it down the road a little bit, keep knocking the ball back and forth as we see on basically signing off on each other's failures.

  • When you've got people with independent voices with new ideas, with science based decisions with riel leadership innovations and solutions that are proposing ideas on, let's be honest, they would rather not engage with those they would rather kick that election cycle down the road a bit and not engage with the voters.

  • We need to stand up and say this is not acceptable way need to find a solution on.

  • Let's make this election happened on May 6 so we could take London and the whole country in a new direction.

  • Click the link below.

  • Sign this petition.

  • Forward it to friends.

  • Let's make sure we upheld our democratic process and we have free and fair elections in London and in the rest of the UK.

  • Leave your comments below share.

  • This video signed this petition.

  • Let's make this happen.

  • Thank you.

so yesterday, the prime minister hinted that he is considering canceling the elections for this year in May.

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/01/11
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