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  • previously on Episode one Thin this four episodes.

  • Siri's We're taking a four day road trip, starting at Chubu International Airport and making our way through Nagoya and the surrounding prefectures.

  • So join me, Raina on as we continue on Day two, off a road trip from the coast to the peaks off central Japan.

  • Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

  • Day two, our second day begins with breakfast at my accommodation, then getting on a cough ferry across the bay and driving to Lake Humana.

  • There we will participate in two activities.

  • The first involves eel, which the area's famous for, and then go go karting.

  • Finally, we drive to achieve village, which is known for its night sky and where we'll spend the night.

  • Okay, right.

  • It's take two of our trip, and I'm on the car ferry that will take us across the bay in about an hour.

  • Lake Haman A is the largest lake in Shizuoka Prefecture.

  • Brackish waters are home to abundance of fish.

  • In one of the delicacies that Lake Hama is famous for is ill or unagi over a Chi Koken in Monterey Park at the southern edge off Lake Humana, visitors can get the unique opportunity to catch and unagi and other fish with their bare hands before grilling and enjoying the delicacy for lunch.

  • I'm about to start my Nagy activity that released one into the water over here, and I'm going to try and catch it with Relax.

  • I can do this more.

  • Okay?

  • I can't do that.

  • Okay?

  • You know, uh, yeah, Theo activity requires a bit of effort, but will definitely make for a lasting impression on the unagi dish.

  • Can get any fresher than this thing I'm about to have the unagi with.

  • They didn't catch, but I grilled for lunch.

  • LACMA's Oh, uh huh.

  • After that, I opening unagi activity.

  • I'm going to continue to keep their adrenaline pumping by going Go karting.

  • We're headed to the cart circuit about 15 minutes away to do a few laps.

  • These go karts have a top speed of about 60 kilometers an hour.

  • And those were the need for speed can quench that thirst here.

  • I'm gonna give this my best shot and smashed some records today.

  • Um, aromas Don't say I didn't warn you.

  • This can be really addictive from here.

  • We're driving too achy a village in the mountains with low light pollution RG villages touted as one of the best places to see the night sky in Japan.

  • Those who make the trek here can experience a natural planetarium when the skies are clear, and staying overnight is one of the best ways to enjoy this experience.

  • I'm gonna be staying at his Ogimi Johnson hot spring town in a village where dinner and a good night's rest awaits me.

  • What a day it's being.

  • And I'm ready for some food.

  • Goodbye.

  • And that was Day two of our four day road trip through Central Japan.

  • Thanks for joining me.

  • I hope this video has bean enjoyable and perhaps even inspires some ideas.

  • Should you decide to plan a road trip, be sure to join us on Episode three ast.

  • We continue on the third day off our trip, visiting some cultural sites and staying in a rustic traditional Japanese inn.

  • For more information about this trip, or to watch another video, click the links on the screen now or head over to japan guide dot com Your comprehensive up to date travelguide firsthand from Japan.

  • Thanks for watching.

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previously on Episode one Thin this four episodes.

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