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  • I bet you're asking yourself a question right now.

  • And that is how long will this last?

  • And at the same time, how long can this last?

  • And of course, I'm referring to the Tier five national lock down here in Britain, the strictest lock down this country has ever known in its history, including during the blitz during World War Two.

  • It's been locked down now, even harsher and tighter on.

  • We're starting to ask ourselves How long will this last and how long can this last?

  • And if you remember a week ago they sold us that this would be a six week endeavor.

  • February 16th was, I think, the number they bandied about.

  • And yet, by the time they got to Parliament, they seem to write in tow law that the measures could be in place until March 31st.

  • It was kind of the fine print that one in there and they said, Yeah, maybe March 31st.

  • Now we're hearing that pubs won't open until May.

  • And, of course, Matt Hancock, the health secretary on the Andrew Marr Show on Sunday, said all the adults should be vaccinated by autumn, So then everything should be okay by autumn.

  • And as we can see, they are pushing this date back further and further and further and just conditioning us to this lasting longer and longer and longer.

  • This is how you get a population to comply, and it's working.

  • And yet, right now, what's happening is unacceptable.

  • Our Children can't go to school, were not allowed to go toe work.

  • You're not allowed toe earn a living, you're not allowed to leave your home.

  • And throughout the country, we've seen thes grotesque displays of arresting people out in the countryside walking with peppermint tea because they're on a picnic.

  • We've seen people arrested on the seaside because they are apparently out for their daily walk, but they can't be there.

  • And now we're being told by the government that stricter measures are coming stricter measures, which means maybe no mixing with people outside wearing masks at work, Uh, maybe wearing masks in the home.

  • Uh, it's hard to imagine that that's gonna make any difference here.

  • And I think it's time that we finally talked to ourselves and say, This is about control versus elimination.

  • That's what this is.

  • Control versus elimination.

  • And if we're really gonna eliminate this is probably isn't possible.

  • And I got police officers right now behind me, scoping me, trying to see if I should be doing this.

  • Look at them.

  • They were about toe.

  • Stop me there, I think.

  • But I'm a broadcaster.

  • So I'm allowed to do this.

  • We'll see if I keep challenging the government narrative, if I will be allowed to do this on that is gonna be very interesting if the freedom of the press goes, We've already seen them challenging that with censorship on our digital platforms and our regulators here off com.

  • We'll see if they start getting me to stop talking about these things.

  • But I'm talking about it because I care about our future.

  • And we have scenarios like focus, protection where we can challenge on.

  • We can actually protect the elderly and those vulnerable, but get the healthier people back to work.

  • Otherwise, how will this economy stay going?

  • How can we pay for the NHS?

  • And I did a real deal on Friday.

  • You could watch it.

  • It was 90 minutes and I talked about a recent study done by a professor in Bristol that calculated with a 9% decrease in the economy.

  • That's gonna cost 560,000 lives.

  • Mawr lives lost than Britain lost during the Second World War.

  • Both military and civilian.

  • That's just from the contraction in the economy.

  • Why aren't we talking about that number?

  • We're not.

  • We're talking about that one daily statistic that they show you.

  • Look over here.

  • Look over here.

  • Panic, panic, panic, panic and change.

  • What's gonna be happening for the next 10 years?

  • Based on this one number, they don't show a smoking related deaths.

  • They don't show us death due to heart disease.

  • They just show us this one number and lock us in our homes.

  • And don't talk about the mental health implications.

  • Three implications on our younger generation.

  • Three implications on our long term economy.

  • This is Riel on.

  • We now have to start thinking about the control of this virus versus the elimination because I don't know about you, but the science is not showing that we can eliminate this.

  • No matter how hard you lock us down, we need to find a way to live with this virus.

  • So please leave your comments below.

  • Also, leave your comments.

  • If you think depression still be free.

  • And I should be allowed to broadcast these messages because that might come in question to at some point again, without freedom of speech.

  • We have no freedoms.

  • We have to keep talking about these ideas on.

  • A lot of people are feeling this, So please leave a comment.

  • Share this in case the Al goes Don't allow me to share it on.

  • We're gonna keep going here.

  • We're gonna keep moving forward.

  • We need New leadership way.

  • Need a leader who innovates and educates and solves problems.

  • I don't see any of that right now.

  • We see, uh, leaders now that use fear to get you to do things you don't wanna dio way need science based decision making and a proportional response to the virus.

  • That's why I'm taking London in a new direction.

  • On May 6, you get to decide the next three years of your life.

I bet you're asking yourself a question right now.

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