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  • off these coaches who were traditionally known for college.

  • Urban Meyer, Jim Harbaugh, Ryan Day, Lincoln Riley.

  • Which one would you most want coaching your NFL team?

  • And as we bring the crew into react to that and to answer that question, I convention that Adam Schefter is reporting that Urban Meyer is meeting with the Jacksonville Jaguars today.

  • Urban Meyer meeting with Jacksonville Today again, they have a ton of cap space on the number one pick in the draft, which figures to be Trevor Lawrence.

  • So it's an interesting coaching vacancy that said, Ryan Clark, go to you first.

  • What's the answer to the question of those four?

  • Which one would you first hired to coach your NFL team?

  • I felt like this is gonna be unpopular, but I'm gonna say Jim Harbaugh, because of those traditional college coaches or traditionally known for college coaches on Lee, one of has actually done it, and he did it at extremely high level.

  • He's the coach that made a decision to go away from Alex Smith, who was the first overall pick for franchise and go to Colin Kaepernick, and that team made it to a Super Bowl.

  • That team also made it to an NFC championship.

  • And does it seem that Jim Harbaugh wears on people?

  • I think that he understands adult men.

  • He understands how to get them to play well, and he can pull the right pieces and make the right moves in order to get a team to succeed or to excel.

  • And so for me, it will be Jim Harbaugh.

  • That might be unpopular, But I like to take Rob Ninkovich.

  • How about you?

  • Which one would you hire?

  • Yeah, I'm going with Meyer and I say that because Brandon Spikes look, I play with Brandon Spikes a long time, and he would tell me some stories about how he would motivate his team.

  • And I feel like his players really, really enjoy him as a coach, and he can get a team motivated.

  • And, yeah, I get it.

  • Someone's going to say, Well, that's college.

  • But in the lead, you step up to the next level.

  • There's a bunch of different age groups.

  • I understand that backgrounds, but I feel like he's refreshed.

  • He's recharged, he's ready to go.

  • Hey, wouldn't be meeting with teams if he didn't want to give it another shot eso.

  • I just think that in the at the pro level, he'd be able to come in and get a team to rally around him.

  • Kind of like how Rex Ryan had had his team playing hard for him.

  • I think Urban could do that.

  • He could get, he could get the team ready to go and guys were flying around for him.

  • Herbert is 58.

  • By the way, in case you're wondering David Pollock, you cover all these guys every week.

  • Which one of them would you hire to coach your NFL team?

  • It's funny that we all disagree.

  • I wouldn't do Urban Meyer.

  • I just think he leads too much with a dictatorship.

  • I don't think NFL guys would love that in his offensive system.

  • Is, um, you know, running the Q B and it just It's kind of I don't think it's good enough for the NFL.

  • It'd be interesting, but I think it's Ryan Day.

  • By the way, Ryan Day spent a lot of time in the NFL.

  • He was there with with Chip Kelly, but his offensive philosophy.

  • He's a no nonsense guy, but but also treats everybody with a great demeanor and great respect and trust everybody.

  • So I think his offensive pedigree, the way he calls plays, the way he understands a fence and the way he treats people, I think would translate really well the next level.

  • I totally agree.

  • He opted not to take any interviews this year, and who knows if he ever will make that decision?

  • I think some NFL team would be really smart to drive a truck filled with money to Columbus, Ohio, and try and hire him.

  • Let's see what you think is we go to the results on my Twitter page at ESPN Greeny and what's close?

  • Lincoln Riley getting a lot of support, The only one who didn't get a vote here.

  • You see Urban leading the way with 32% of the vote.

off these coaches who were traditionally known for college.

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