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  • So if you're old enough to remember Jim Kelly and Thurman Thomas and Andre Reid and Coach Levy and all of that winning Jim Kelly came on our show and essentially said, You know what?

  • I hope this kid is the next Me, a lot of guys.

  • What?

  • I'm me.

  • I don't want anybody to be me.

  • Len Dawson is okay with Patrick Mahomes being the next Len Dawson and Kelly said the same thing about Alan.

  • This is a big spot.

  • Especially remember last year they got into the playoffs, you could make an argument that Josh Allen essentially lost them their wild card playoff game.

  • Yeah, but he was He's young, all right?

  • This is only his third year, and he certainly has grown, uh, in his last couple of years and become became something that when you look at at the quarterback spot is like, okay, did the Cleveland Browns get it wrong?

  • You start.

  • You start to look at the situation.

  • Ah, Brian Doble came in as the offensive coordinator and decided that he was gonna build a certain system around Josh Allen.

  • But then Brandon Beane, the general manager, also realized that he had to surround a young, talented quarterback out of Wyoming with talented receivers around them.

  • Goes out on signs.

  • Cole Beasley and free Agency, uh, and then trades for Stefon Diggs.

  • Stefon Diggs had one of the most amazing seasons in NFL history at the receiver position.

  • And so, as you start toe, develop things in this continuity and things continue to keep going.

  • You can be those Buffalo Bills that went to those four straight Super Bowls.

  • You want to try to win one of them, especially now in New England, and struggle our struggle this year, which I looked for New England bounce back here in the future.

  • But as of right now, it's about the Buffalo Bills.

  • They could be in that position j so find themselves at in Tampa in the Super Bowl key.

  • I do believe that they're the biggest threat to win the whole thing.

  • Um, you know, minus the Kansas City Chiefs.

  • And look, I hope this doesn't come back to haunt me if they lose to the cults, Of course, will be stuff in words of my mouth, but I just feel like, you know, since Week 12 key, they've had a top five scoring defense.

  • That has been the one question I've always had about the Bills, their defense.

  • Can their defense continue to step up?

  • If not for that hell Murray pass against India against Arizona, they would have won 10 straight games, 10 straight games with no team after Week 12, finishing within one possession close to them, right?

  • So I go back to that week six loss they had against, uh, the Chiefs when Sean McDermott McDermott decided to pick his poison, allowed them to run the ball.

  • And I think, you know, they end up rushing for, like, 250 yards, and Patrick Holmes threw for 225 yards, but it came down to I think it's 23 17, a Clyde Edwards Hilaire fumble that his knee was actually down, that I would have been the Bills ball.

  • I felt like they were in position to win that game.

  • I just think between the way their defense has improved between step on digs and the weapons that they have with the maturation of how Josh Allen is playing, setting some of the single season franchise records, they're the most prone team to beat the Kansas City Chiefs.

  • You know I'm not.

  • I'm not as bullish on this thing as Jay is.

  • You know, I'm a one game at a time type guy.

  • Indianapolis and a veteran quarterback like Philip Rivers, who's been in the playoffs.

  • Who understands situation?

  • Frank, right?

  • Who was the quarterback of the Buffalo Bills coming back and historical fashion against the Houston almost called the Astros Houston Oilers?

  • He knows what it's like.

  • So it's one game at a time.

  • Take care of Indianapolis coach before you start looking ahead to your next opponent.

  • And if they do that, which they've been doing all season long, then they'll have a chance to maybe meet Kansas City at the finish line come a F C Championship Week.

  • This is a young football team with not a lot of a playoff experience.

  • Deep playoff experience, that is, and that is Jay's point.

  • They sold out against the run in the first match up into Jay's point.

  • He just gave the numbers that the Chiefs actually were able to run for more yards.

  • Then Mahomes threw four.

  • That's not something you see very often, so I agree with Jay on that point and you're right.

  • How juicy is it to have Frank Reich, the architect of one of the greatest winds and bills playoff history, standing on the other sideline trying to prevent the bills from may be forging ahead with history?

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So if you're old enough to remember Jim Kelly and Thurman Thomas and Andre Reid and Coach Levy and all of that winning Jim Kelly came on our show and essentially said, You know what?

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