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  • tell me a story about playing with Peyton Manning.

  • I find him fascinating in many of the similar ways that I find Aaron Rodgers.

  • You were on those Colts teams with him.

  • Tell me a story about what it's like playing with Peyton Manning.

  • You know, there's a lot of documented stories that I've told about my friendship with Peyton Manning.

  • Whether it's the casino visit where he took me on a golf trip, he took a bunch of us on a golf trip.

  • But I should have never been invited on that golf trip and, uh, to get to our hotel, you had to walk through the casino floor basically and then get up the escalators to our hotel.

  • It was down in French Lick, Indiana, the home off, obviously, the hit from French Lick Larry Bird.

  • So we go down there and everybody knows this story.

  • One dolphin as we get off the bus after we go get dinner, there's a bunch of people sitting outside because they heard Peyton was there on.

  • I was able to just kind of mingle through.

  • I was the first person off the bus is when I was a rookie.

  • Nobody had a clue.

  • I was.

  • Who's the little round white guy that just got off Beat?

  • Mannings Bust.

  • Nobody knew.

  • So I walked through the casino on There's a rule, that table sitting there.

  • I stopped by.

  • I start getting I get some money.

  • Obviously, I was gonna go ahead and have a nightcap at the roulette table.

  • Peyton comes in like 10.

  • 15 minutes later, he walks by because he was signing autographs for everybody.

  • He kind of looks over my shoulder and goes, How about that Red 18 Pat?

  • And then he kind of just walks away.

  • Okay, so I obviously move all my money to read 18.

  • Everybody at the table moves their money to read 18 and lo and behold, Red.

  • 18 hits.

  • Okay, so it's just like the storybook movie of Peyton Manning's life.

  • He leaves, he walks off.

  • He didn't even know what happened.

  • Everybody at the table gets rich.

  • Everybody starts yelling like Oh my God, Jesus Christ himself walked into Cassina and told us to bet on Red 18 and we hit Red 18.

  • Okay, so everybody knows that story.

  • That's what in the next morning, like Hey, you know, whenever you said ready team had hit.

  • Everybody at the table was very happy when crazy, he said.

  • Yeah, you know.

  • But I think the big thing about being friends with Peyton and getting your chances be a teammate with Peyton was you just watch him work.

  • It was just it was unbelievable.

  • You know, they always make up those those fake cliches about people that they want to make them sound good.

  • They go like first one in last one out and when he's not doing something, he's running sprints.

  • Because Peyton was legitimately that he was everything and I'll never forget back my rookie year.

  • At that point, I thought I thought we had become friends.

  • I was like, I think we're pretty friendly at this point.

  • He's way too nice to me.

  • I think he enjoys the way I chug beers the way I tell stories, the way I interact with people, my energy.

  • It was very nice of him and we were like going into like week 13, maybe week 14 were completely undefeated at that point and I accidentally I accidentally posed a question to him.

  • You know, it was at lunch.

  • I was like, Hey, pain when you start preparing, like for off season, You know, when you start scheduling trips and I've never seen him so serious.

  • He just looked at me and he said, When we lose our last game, Pat, that's when you start preparing for the off season and they just walked away and I was like, Alright, never gonna ask that question again.

  • We obviously wanted a Super Bowl.

  • Lost the Drew Brees and his dumb baby.

  • And by the time that happened, I didn't have you know, any specials or discounts on the trips that I wanted to make the next week.

  • So obviously got overcharged.

  • But I think just getting a chance to hang around him both from having a couple beers with him, verse watching him work.

  • I was incredibly lucky.

  • And although we played nowhere near the same position, I think he had a profound effect on what my career would eventually become.

  • McAfee.

  • It is always fun.

  • Thank you.

  • You know I'm proud of you and we will catch up again soon.

  • Have a great show today.

  • I'll see you soon.

  • A green.

  • I'm proud of you too, man.

  • Look at you getting a radio show at 10 a.m. Look atyou, man.

  • Thank you, Granny.

  • Thanks for having me tell the wife I said hello.

  • Cheers.

  • Good luck on this venture at 10 a.m. Power will do.

  • Thank you, my man.

  • Next, Pat McAfee with me here.

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tell me a story about playing with Peyton Manning.

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Pat McAfee tells Peyton Manning stories | #Greeny

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