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  • The dude is going to be in New England, man, you call it.

  • He's gonna be in New England.

  • He's going to now, whether or not they bring in young quarterback or veteran guy Cam Newton is going to be with the New England Patriots.

  • Jared Steinem is not the future.

  • That's why I sent him.

  • Did take a snap yesterday because it's just not everybody was getting texts.

  • How come Bill won't play stadium?

  • I'm saying he sees him every day.

  • He knows what he is.

  • Well, how you gonna play something that you're looking at every day and you know you're not confident in what that quarterback is, And I know camp has looked bad at times.

  • He's showing you some good stuff at times.

  • He's bounced balls in the dirt at times.

  • There's no question about it, and I think for New England Patriot fans or people fans of the New England Patriots, so to speak.

  • They've seen Tom Brady for 20 years, and and what they've seen is a guy completing balls at a high rate cam.

  • Newton was never going to complete balls at a high rate.

  • His best completing percentage was in the sixties And that was with North Turner.

  • So it's like this is he's better than what he He's better than what we saw.

  • There's no off season.

  • There's no real training camp truncated training camp located.

  • And not only that, listen, each throwing the ball to dudes that SMEs and use.

  • I mean, come on, his best receivers.

  • Jacoby.

  • Uh, I'm a cyber, said Jacoby.

  • Meyers is his best wide receiver.

  • He has no tight ends.

  • It's just look, he'll be fine.

  • And will he be a start in the National Football League again?

  • Probably so because he has a type of fight in you.

  • We should mention that he also had the co vid battle and the Pats at a ton of opt outs more than most other teams.

  • Let's also mention this.

  • Jared Stidham is the only quarterback right now on the roster that's going to be on the team next year, contractually speaking.

  • But key, this is setting up or J.

  • Let me ask you this.

  • I know you want to jump in.

  • I could hear your voice.

  • I mean, this is setting up to be a season.

  • Unlike an off season unlike any other for Bill Belichick out of the playoffs for the first time since.

  • 08 The division reign is over.

  • After 11 years, 17 years of 10 plus wins, they need help.

  • This is going to be an offseason unlike he has ever had in Foxboro.

  • And that's why I won't definitely say it's definitive.

  • That Cam Newton will be back is the Patriot next year.

  • Look, he's He's thrown for eight TDs and he's had 10 interceptions like he struggled with in games and critical junctures of the game from a playmaking ability.

  • I know he could make a lot of plays with his feet and Russia a lot of TDs, but it just feels like, you know, look, this offseason is gonna be so fluid.

  • There are a lot of people that I think Bill Bell check will try to pursue the sea of the Optionality will be there from to bring somebody different into the organization.

  • Okay, we got about a minute here to go.

  • Um, we had Bill Bell Chunk on the very first day of our show.

  • Monday, August 17th, 2020.

  • You have a great relationship with Bill.

  • That's why it came on the show.

  • Uh, this year, more than any other.

  • Even after games, people are pressing him on.

  • Failed draft picks are pressing him.

  • The Boston media has always been tough, but there are a tougher on bill than I can ever remember.

  • It only seems like it's gonna intensify.

  • Well, you you're you're losing, right?

  • You didn't win the division for the first time in 11 years or whatever it's been, And then all of a sudden there's an opening and you wanna you wanna attack that opening e mean they smell blood in the water.

  • Man is Do you know you're in part of the media?

  • You guys there sharks?

  • That's true.

  • We see we smell that blood in the water.

  • We are all over.

  • That's for sure to be very interesting office, you and J.

  • Well, you guys are short.

  • Thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

The dude is going to be in New England, man, you call it.

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