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  • give left with a ton of credit.

  • Whether it was adding offensive lineman keeping tight ends in Gronkowski was blocking for break vice versa.

  • Or whether it was play action they used.

  • They ran the gamut and diagnosing.

  • What?

  • How could you attack that Washington football team defensive line?

  • And they did a terrific job.

  • Anytime you keep Brady vertical heroics happened when he he is a mawr.

  • He is a mere mortal when you rush him.

  • And today he was the hero.

  • And here's a good example what you just said, Jeff.

  • He threw 40 touchdowns during the regular season.

  • Two in this game.

  • All 42 of those touchdowns this season came without pressure.

  • So if you keep him standing up for it, that's good for Tampa.

  • It's bad for the defense.

  • Let's go back to Taylor.

  • Hi, Nicky, for a second here, and I was watching the game earlier, and I thought to myself, This is the best quarterback play between Alex Smith and Dwayne Haskins.

  • Combined what we've seen in Washington so far this season in one game by Taylor.

  • Hi, Nicky and RC.

  • Let me start with you.

  • What impressed you the most about this young man.

  • The kid wasn't scared, right?

  • Like you saw that kid.

  • You heard Jeff talking about it, diving from the four yard line.

  • I thought about I went back to Soulja Boy was like watching me Superman was like watching you.

  • You know, when you have a dude that's out there playing against Tom Brady without that fear, a guy who's moving the ball efficiently but understands that he could use his legs to get outside the pocket and creating place.

  • I thought it was the best play that we've seen from the Washington football team quarterback all season, and we saw four of them Eaves.

  • We saw four of them Jeff Saturday and this guy was the best one.

  • I thought he energized the team.

  • I thought he played the position with poise, and I also thought he showed some athleticism that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers just weren't ready for off all the quarterbacks they've had played this year.

  • I don't believe any of them would have played the game that Taylor hi Nikki played today.

  • He should be proud and I believe he's earned himself an opportunity to not only be on a roster next year, but maybe compete to get some playing time.

  • Yeah.

  • Listen, I I couldn't agree with you more when the two things I think about poise and trust in the game plan.

  • I mean, you heard him He wasn't thinking about He wasn't playing Tom Brady, right?

  • He wasn't where he was worried about that Tampa Bay Buccaneer defense.

  • And let me tell you, he studied it and understood what they were gonna try to do.

  • He knew they were gonna heat him up all night long.

  • He never panicked.

  • He never He never made that poor decision.

  • Even the interceptions off a tip.

  • That's not his fault, right?

  • Guy gets his hand up.

  • It's unfortunate, but it's not on the Cube.

  • You saw him.

  • If he had to pull it down, he would tuck it down, push up in the pocket and then go extend plays.

  • You saw him with his feet.

  • You saw him with his arm and listen.

  • He had four or five drops to Simms had three or four.

  • I mean, he put some good balls on that.

  • Guys didn't even pick up there in.

  • He could have had even a bigger night.

  • So this kid absolutely met the moment.

  • It was an incredible display for for Taylor.

  • I think he I mean, the guy just he played Lights out.

  • Congratulations to him.

  • I know you're disappointed.

  • The laws.

  • But, man, that kid could not have played any better.

  • No, And here's the rial.

  • Couldn't Alex Smith may not play another NFL game?

  • He had injuries over the last several weeks, has been remarkable to see him come back to play NFL football at all.

  • But if he doesn't come back, you would think that's job right now would belong to Taylor.

  • Hi, Nikki.

  • After what he did in this one playoff game, just this second career NFL star.

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give left with a ton of credit.

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