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  • Oh, we believe that robots should be put to work.

  • His service operators and the first place to start is where people are hanging hundreds of feet in the air.

  • Scotland Robotics We have a robot that cleans windows.

  • So if we look at a 40 floor building that has roughly 300,000 square feet off windows surface to be cleaned, it would take a standard work today roughly 2.5 months of actual work to clean on with Osmo on.

  • Just two supervisors waken do that same work in about a week.

  • The robot actually match the building in three D as it approaches the buildings.

  • Every obstacle that it might have, like a head bobbing out the window or window opening the robot will self correct and move around it.

  • So it's not break a window.

  • How does it know if somebody's sticking their head out?

  • Um, well, it has computer vision and touch sensors so it can see and feel the million.

  • I think the first thing people think of when they see this type of system is automation is coming for our jobs, and this probably seems like the perfect example of that people who probably don't make high wages cleaning these buildings.

  • They're gonna be replaced by this robot.

  • Well, I think eventually society mankind will be replacing dangerous jobs because it doesn't make sense for people to be risking their lives from where we stand.

  • When we look at the job, we're automating.

  • It makes perfect sense for us to put the person, um, in a safe position supervising the robots, and that the robots dangled hundreds of feet in the air.

Oh, we believe that robots should be put to work.

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/01/11
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