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  • very first mock draft of the year, and there is no surprise at the top.

  • Todd has the Jacksonville Jaguars selecting Clemson's Trevor Lawrence with the number one overall pick, so that is not a surprise.

  • He then as the Jets at number two, taking the Oregon offensive tackle Penny Sewell and then the Dolphins taken the Heisman Trophy winner Devante Smith, BYU.

  • Zach Wilson is the second quarterback off the board to the Falcons at four, and then his biggest.

  • McShay doesn't have any of the next 10 teams taking a quarterback, and at 15, he has Justin Fields from Ohio State going to the New England Patriots.

  • Here's a look at the full top 10 of McShane's first Mac and outside of the quarterbacks, as you see Sewell is there Devante Smith that would team up Smith with his old quarterback to a tango below uh, in Miami.

  • But there's obviously a lot to unpack here until let us bring McShay into the conversation.

  • As we thank you for getting up with us here, Todd McShay and Schefty is alongside as well, let's start at the very top.

  • So much talk about Trevor Lawrence.

  • Just how good a prospect in your mind is he McShay in relation to other recent quarterbacks who've been at the top of the board?

  • I go back to Andrew Luck in 2012.

  • I really think he's the highest graded quarterback that I've had since since 2012 and and Andrew Luck.

  • Remember when he came out?

  • Obviously, he had some injuries and and didn't quite live up to what the expectation was.

  • But from a prospect standpoint, I think Trevor Lawrence is just a good I mean to me.

  • Andrew Luck was the epitome of a quarterback that was coming out and ready to play in the NFL.

  • And Trevor Lawrence.

  • This year has been different.

  • He's matured.

  • You saw it in the off season.

  • You saw him handle of social justice and everything else that has gone on, and he's slowed down his game.

  • He understands what he's looking for defensively, and I just think he's playing at such a high level.

  • I think it's a no brainer that he's the number one overall pick, and Jacksonville hasn't had the number one overall pick in 26 years of their their organization.

  • So to me it's it's surprising.

  • First of all, with all the losing that they've done that they that they had not had that first overall pick.

  • But he could be the player that finally turned things around for the Jaguars.

  • Look, obviously, he's spectacular.

  • You are not the only one.

  • Every analyst that we have talked.

  • Thio has says that he is a generational prospect.

  • What should we make of the fact?

  • Todd, I've been waiting to ask you this question since last Friday night that in the last three college football playoff games in which he played Ohio State last year L s u last year and now last Friday night, he was outplayed by the other quarterback on the field.

  • That's just what happened in those games.

  • What should we take away from that?

  • It's a good question, and it's a fair question, But you gotta understand.

  • His offensive line was not very good this year.

  • They lost.

  • They lost 2800 yards and receiving from from a year ago in terms of their top three receivers on DSO.

  • He he just had to carry the team and there was not enough around him in order to play the the high level.

  • Do you expect But you go back and watch a year ago against Ohio State when he didn't have his fastball in the semifinal game, but he competed and he ran the ball and he found a way to win.

  • I just think he's a winner, and I think you look at him physically, mentally maturity wise, he has everything that you look for in a quarterback prospect.

  • Schefty.

  • So there's there's no question about this, right?

  • I mean, last year around this time, you said, put it on the bottom line.

  • Joe Burrow is going number one to Cincinnati, and at that point, it felt like there was some question This year.

  • There isn't any such question, right?

  • It doesn't really feel that way now.

  • The only scenario that you could concoct that could even potentially come into play would be if somehow Urban Meyer took that job, has a connection to Justin Fields and decides, You know what?

  • I really like Justin Fields feel comfortable.

  • He played incredibly well in the playoffs.

  • If Justin Fields plays well again against Alabama, has another performance like the one he had this past week, then maybe he would garner some consideration.

  • But I think Trevor Lawrence is widely expected to be the number one overall pick.

  • And when you hear Todd say that, he's this generational quarterback, the best quarterback prospect since Andrew Lucky for another say, the best quarterback prospect since Peyton Manning.

  • That's the guy that almost always goes.

  • Number one.

  • It would be an upset if he didn't go number one.

  • So if you wanna put on the bottom line right now, greeny that Trevor Lawrence is expected to go Number one.

  • Go right ahead.

  • There's no surprise in that.

  • There's no shock in that.

  • It's not like Joe Burrow last year, but I think Trevor Lawrence will be the number one pick.

  • Be careful what you wish for, because we'll do it, but that's neither here nor there.

  • Make sure that will come to you, because that's not the surprising part.

  • Here's the surprising part to me.

  • At least.

  • I have felt like for much of the last two years, Lawrence and Fields were sort of one in one.

  • A.

  • So what has happened that Justin Fields, now on your mock draft, has fallen all the way to 15 and isn't even the second quarterback off the board?

  • Well, that exact Wilson from BYU is is really risen.

  • He had a great year this year and listen, he you could see films.

  • Go number four, he could go to Atlanta and I struggled with it to be completely honest.

  • But at the end of the day, I think Zach Wilson is a better player.

  • I think he his ability to extend plays, his ability to throw the ball down the field and make plays.

  • And Justin feels is a really good player as well.

  • But he gets stuck on his primary a lot, and if you really study his game, I worry about him in the NFL in terms of adjusting and being able to go from that first look to the second look and processing fast enough and that that really the more tape I've studied, the more concern I've had, and I know he's coming off of a great game and obviously is a great competitors.

  • But But I've just exact Wilson is a little bit of of a better player and then there's not a lot of teams that need quarterbacks from that number four spot on down to 15 where I have the Patriots taking Justin Fields.

  • Thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

very first mock draft of the year, and there is no surprise at the top.

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Todd McShay's NFL Mock Draft 1.0: Trevor Lawrence to the Jags & Justin Fields to the Pats | Get Up

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