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  • Well, the word guru means Gu means darkness.

  • Room means dispelling.

  • One who dispels your darkness is guru.

  • That means you walked in this light.

  • The led light is your guru because it dispels your darkness physically.

  • Right now you can see things the way they are because there is light.

  • So other dimensions of life for which you can't turn on a torchlight.

  • Alright, you blight or led light there.

  • You need a different kind of light for subjective dimensions of your life where you can't put on an outside light, you need some kind of light.

  • So whatever opens up the dimension for you.

  • That's your guru.

  • Why is that a four letter word?

  • Because it's four letters, you know, lately on the internet, I seem to see a lot of gurus popping up from different places.

  • And sometimes I don't know if they're gonna dispel me from the darkness.

  • Um, is this a phenomenon of social media?

  • Where e.

  • I call it a four letter word because of the many ugly ways in which it is being used today.

  • Okay.

  • Incorrectly.

  • So I wouldn't say incorrect.

  • I would say ugly.

  • Okay.

  • See you.

  • You don't know the question that you're asking is, how do I know somebody is really a guru or somebody is just going to me Take me into more darkness?

  • The simple thing is this.

  • You never believe what people say.

  • Just look at them how they are.

  • Has it worked for the guy who's talking about it?

  • If you think it's worked for him, please listen to him.

  • If you think it's not worked for him, don't worry.

  • Even if he's talking with the biggest things, there's no point because it's not worked for that guy.

  • What's the point that simple it is In India, there's a long history and tradition of gurus.

  • Yes, we have seen some absolutely fantastic gurus out there in the tradition.

  • Not one or two, many thousands, but because we have bean onda serious innovations.

  • For over 1000 years, we've been unoccupied nation for 1000 years, where systematically people try toe, destroy the spiritual culture on the thoughts of that nation.

  • Because India is a nation.

  • If you look at it culturally as the mechanics of any making off a nation is the sameness, sameness of language, sameness of religion, sameness of race, sameness of ethnicity is something like this Some sameness right now.

  • Why you want Brexit?

  • Because they're all speaking different languages there different culture, different everything.

  • We're English.

  • It's the sameness always.

  • But India as a nation is a nation which is completely defied.

  • The definition.

  • We have 1300 languages and die elects in the country every 50 kilometers, 100 kilometers.

  • If you drive.

  • People look different.

  • Dress different, eat different.

  • Everything different if you walk into any home there.

  • Five people five people were worshiping with five different gods and goddesses of their own.

  • But still there is no issue because this was the land of seeking.

  • Seeking was the connecting thread for us that everybody is a seeker, not a believer.

  • It's the fundamental nature off the culture that you're supposed to seek.

  • You don't believe what is written somewhere.

  • You don't believe what some guru said.

  • What?

  • Some great somebody who claim to be a god said or a messenger said you always seek.

  • You use all of them as help to seek more profoundly.

  • So guru is there not to give you a commandment, but only to assist you to seek you're seeking.

  • But maybe you're seeking is not incisive enough.

  • So a guru gives you close to seek little more effectively.

  • But he never give you a commandment.

  • So there is really no danger from him because he is not giving you commandments.

  • The moment he gives you commandments, he is claiming to be God.

  • So if you're eager to goto heaven right away, first thing is you must die.

  • All right.

  • You seek a guru because you want your seeking to be more effective.

  • Not because you're seeking an answer.

  • Um, mhm e.

Well, the word guru means Gu means darkness.

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