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  • Recently, we've heard reports that the prime minister is considering canceling the upcoming elections on this just isn't the election for Mayor of London.

  • This is also the election for councils throughout the country, in counties and in cities.

  • This is our basic human right, our democratic right to choose our leaders that represent our interests and make sure they represent those interests moving forward.

  • Let me ask you a question.

  • Are you happy with every single decision that your elected leader has made in the last 12 months?

  • Well, if not, you should be allowed to choose new leaders or toe hold the current leaders accountable to now aligned to your decision process.

  • This is the purpose of a democracy, and when you hijack the democracy and postpone it, then you ruin everything that this country was built on.

  • And let's quickly remember they've already done this before.

  • In May of last year, they postponed the elections for a year, which means the current mayor of London shouldn't be in office right now because no one voted him into this five year term he's currently experiencing.

  • No one agreed that he could have an extra year, but they just decided that they were going to postpone elections.

  • It's not fair now.

  • I understand there's issues of safety that we have to consider.

  • Maybe people can't come out and congregate and elect in a normal way.

  • So then we have to consider a postal voting system, but that's already been ruled out by our prime minister, he says.

  • That's not gonna happen as well.

  • And so you've got to ask yourself what's going on with this two party system?

  • Why aren't they allowing us to choose our leaders and hold them accountable?

  • When you have non fixed terms, which is what we're seeing now or you don't have free and fair elections?

  • Then why would these people represent our interests?

  • This has to stop now, which is why I've created a petition that's gonna go in from a parliament, and we're going to demand that we have free and fair elections here on May 6th.

  • No exceptions.

  • If it can't be done in person, let's do it in a postal manner.

  • So click the link below.

  • Let me get your signature on that way, this will have to be debated in Parliament and weaken demand our basic human rights and our rights as a democracy.

  • This is so important.

  • I can't stress this enough.

  • Um, if they postpone this, it means that they're gonna be able to make more and more decisions that aren't in our interests.

  • I believe in democracy, and I believe it works.

  • I believe that the people know what's right and we choose the best leaders.

  • But when you take that away from us, well, it's no longer a democracy.

  • It's not free, and it's not fair and it's not acceptable.

  • So please click the link below.

  • Let me get your signature.

  • Let's make sure they do not hijack this election.

  • Let's make sure they don't take away our right to choose.

  • This determines our future, our health, our livelihood, our Children's futures, their education.

  • It's all riding on this now.

  • This is the one point in history not to postpone elections.

  • Click the link.

  • Give me your signature.

  • Share this video with someone who needs to see it.

  • Give me your comments below, but we have to make sure this does not happen.

  • We need a democratic process.

  • Your vote matters.

  • Your choice matters.

  • Let's get leaders that represent the voices of the people.

  • We must do this and we must move forward.

Recently, we've heard reports that the prime minister is considering canceling the upcoming elections on this just isn't the election for Mayor of London.

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