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  • the eagle has landed.

  • When Neil Armstrong stepped out to become the first man on the moon, not a soul on earth could have guessed he would land in the middle of a cosmic controversy.

  • That's one small step for man pardon by a leap for mankind.

  • The problem, the first part of his historic sentence that's one small step for man is grammatically incorrect.

  • It should have been one small step for a man and that missing a has been setting off grammarians ever since.

  • Lift it off the final lift off of Atlantis.

  • Through all the years NASA has insisted that he did say the A and modern microphones would have picked it up.

  • Instead, the word was lost on scratchy old equipment, operating nearly a quarter million miles away.

  • And Armstrong, though he rarely gave interviews throughout his life, agreed with NASA.

  • Thank you so much.

  • Many scientists have tried, realize the recordings and break down the sound waves with inconclusive results.

  • But now researchers from Michigan State and Ohio State believe they have evidence that Armstrong's utterance may have been shaped less by space than by something very down to earth.

  • The famous astronaut was an Ohio boy, and these researchers studied hundreds of recordings of natives saying the words for and A And they found almost 200 times the words were pushed together, making a sounds like frog.

  • So listen again.

  • It's one small step for land like the moon trip itself.

  • The theory.

  • Maybe a long shot.

  • But it could also prove the final word on the words of the man on the moon.

  • Tom Foreman, CNN Washington.

the eagle has landed.

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