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  • the Samsung Galaxy.

  • Chromebook two is one of the brightest, fiercest and reddest chromebooks you'll be able to buy this year.

  • Its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook, was pretty expensive for a Chromebook starting at $999.

  • The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook two, starting at just $549 isn't so much a sequel to the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook as it is a more affordable alternative.

  • Yeah, the coolest thing about this Chromebook is the hardware.

  • It has a 13.3 inch 1920 by 10 80 screen.

  • It's also the first chromebook ever to have a Q led panel.

  • The screen was crisp and clear.

  • I really enjoyed watching videos on it all.

  • The colors looked really nice, and I could see a lot of little details that I don't always notice on other screens.

  • I didn't get to use this device outside or in a coffee shop or in any of the many places besides an office space that you might use this device so we'll have a better sense of how bright it gets and how useful it is when we've had a chance to do a full review in terms of ports.

  • You have two USB C ports and one micro SD multi media card reader.

  • That's not like a huge port selection, but I'm really happy to see an SD card.

  • And the two USB C should be useful for peripherals as well.

  • Also, just a note.

  • There's no fingerprint sensor or other biometric authentication.

  • Password.

  • Only.

  • Most noticeable feature is the color, like the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook.

  • The galaxy Chromebook two comes in Fiesta Red as well as a much more boring Mercury Gray.

  • You will notice this chromebook.

  • It's very, very red.

  • It's also quite portable, though it's noticeably thicker and heavier than the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook, a £2.71.

  • It is a little bit heavy toe hold in one hand for a long period of time.

  • Now it is a two on one so it can fold all the way around and be a tablet if need be.

  • The hinges really sturdy, and I didn't notice any screen wobble while I was typing on the keyboard, which is nice.

  • On the flip side, that means that opening the device is a little bit difficulty.

  • You have to use two hands, so it's not the type of thing you could just flick open and closed.

  • There is a touch screen, which is pretty fast and responsive.

  • The finish is smooth, but though the chromebook is made of aluminum, it feels plasticky when you're holding it, especially compared to the Samsung Galaxy.

  • Chromebook.

  • The keys on the keyboard also feel plasticky.

  • They are backlit, though, and the back lighting looks really nice.

  • Overall, it felt pretty good to type on.

  • I didn't make too many errors, and it wasn't really loud enough to be distracting to people around me.

  • Thank Speaker System contains to 1.5 watt speakers, and Samsung told us it gets 178% louder than normal amplifier.

  • I thought it sounded pretty good, even with volume at 50 40%.

  • I had no trouble hearing the videos.

  • I was watching even while people were talking around me.

  • That's pretty impressive, especially for downward firing speakers.

  • We'll have a much better idea of how all the audio sounds.

  • Once we've been able to do a full review of this device, it starts with four gigabytes of RAM and 64 gigabytes of storage.

  • You can bump that up to eight gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabytes of storage.

  • That model costs 6 99.

  • You can select attention Intel core I three or an Intel Celeron processor, so there's a lot to like.

  • But at this price point, you are making some sacrifices as well.

  • And there are a couple of handy features that the $999 galaxy chromebook had that this chromebook had to skip.

  • One is the built in stylists.

  • The Galaxy Chromebook to doesn't have a stylist built into its chassis, though you can purchase one separately and it is compatible.

  • There's also no front facing camera, so you can't flip it around and take quick pictures like you could with a galaxy chromebook.

  • It has a lower power processors.

  • Well, though, a core I three should be just fine for running chrome os.

  • Lastly, the screen is a bit of a downgrade, So the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook had a four K Amma led screen that was absolutely gorgeous.

  • The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook, too, has a Q led 1920 by 10 80 screen.

  • That said, the screen still looks pretty good.

  • I didn't notice any color imperfections or anything that would make me not want to use it.

  • The big question mark when it comes to Galaxy Chromebook two is battery life.

  • So Samsung estimates that this chromebook will get 14 hours of battery life for context with the Galaxy Chromebook.

  • I got about four.

  • It was bad enough to keep me from recommending it to people.

  • Despite all the other great things about it.

  • The Battery Life is an important selling feature for many of the best chromebooks on the market, so this one will need to be a significant step up from its predecessor to compete.

  • At this price point, there's a reason for hope, though.

  • The Galaxy Chromebook two has a lower powered processor than the Galaxy Chromebook Andy lower resolution screen.

  • So I'm optimistic that we'll see more battery life, though.

  • How much more is still a big question mark.

  • The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook two comes out sometime in the first quarter of this year, and it starts at $549.

  • That's not exactly cheap for a chromebook, but it's a world away from the first Galaxy Chromebook, which started 9 99 For the past few years.

  • Companies like Samsung and Google have really been trying to make a premium Chromebook, that is, Ah Chromebook that appeals to users who really like Chrome OS and like the simplicity of it and, like the automatic updates but also want a really nice device.

  • And that's something that hasn't been available for a really long time in the history of promo s.

  • I think that if the Galaxy Chromebook two holds up to the 14 hour battery life estimate that Samsung gave us, it could be a great value for its $549 price point.

  • But that's a big if.

  • It's gonna be a weird si es this year, but technically, CS 2021 is right around the corner.

the Samsung Galaxy.

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Galaxy Chromebook 2 hands-on: less expensive, just as red

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