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  • building well.

  • President Trump has been banned from the social media platforms Twitter on Facebook, but he still has ways off getting his messages across.

  • We've just had a tweet from Dan Scavino, who is the White House's deputy chief of staff for communications.

  • Onda, director of social media aunt.

  • He is issuing a statement on behalf off President Trump, which we can show you now in reaction to the electoral certification.

  • There it is, Donald Trump, saying, even though I totally disagree with the outcome of the election on the facts, bear me out well, what he calls fact.

  • Nevertheless, there will be an orderly transition on January the 20th.

  • I have always said we would continue our fight to ensure that only legal votes were counted.

  • While this represents the end off the greatest first term in in presidential history, um, it's only the beginning off our fight to make America great again, he says.

  • Well, let's talk now to our US correspondent Peter Bows.

  • Eso Peter fighting talk continuing from Donald Trump.

  • He keeps using that word fight, doesn't he?

  • Just as he did in that speech to his followers before they stormed the capital building yesterday in Washington on still no condemnation of the violence in that message, notably, yes, a typically bullish statement from the president, perhaps the closest that has come to conceding the election, pledging an orderly transition of power.

  • But there is, as you say, much that he is not talking about in that statement specifically the events of the past 24 hours, where AH lot of people, including some in his own party, believe it was the president who incited that violence in the first place by encouraging his supporters to march on the Capitol building on Dwell.

  • We all know what happened next.

  • They surged into the building on.

  • There was a tremendous amount of violence, and that is something that the president is not addressing.

  • I think to some extent, his statement will come as a relief to some Americans.

  • The fact that the president is finally acknowledging that it is over for him, at least a faras this term in office is concerned on that Mr Biden will take over in a couple of weeks, time and again, I think a lot of Americans will be hoping they'd be nervous about these final few weeks, and especially in the light of what's just happened, but perhaps hoping that that element of that that tone from the president well, at least continue over the next couple of weeks and that there won't be any more violence.

  • The Flames won't be fund by the president in the way that so many people think they have in the last few weeks.

  • But given that he still hasn't condemned the violence, what is the Republican Party going to do with this?

  • We saw some Republican senators withdraw their objection to the certification of Joe Biden, which, as we reported, has just officially happened in the last few minutes.

  • But others continued to object.

  • So, uh, will this be the start of a greater fracturing within the Republican Party?

  • Sarah Palin, I noticed, has been on Fox News in the last short while talking about the creation off a third party in the U.

  • S.

  • Yeah, and that's the big issue facing the Republicans, and I really don't think any of them have the answers.

  • And a big part of it depends on how Donald Trump behaves in the coming weeks.

  • Months on years, as they figure out who is going to be there next presidential candidate, and the problem for so many Republicans is that they have relied on the president.

  • He has Bean, their leader.

  • They have relied on him for their own fortunes, whether it's bean standing in local elections there being re elected into Congress or the Senate.

  • They have had to follow President Trump because they needed him to like them.

  • Andi, hey could easily damage any candidate that said the wrong thing about the president.

  • And as long as the president long assed Donald Trump is a former president retains that power within the party, he is going to be a significant figure, I think.

  • Moving forward, Thio Future elections The next big one, of course, with the midterm elections in a couple of years time.

  • On the other hand, if there is some sort of fracturing of support and the essentially a new party developing within ah party, that could develop enough of a following in its own right.

  • Well, that could be the beginning of the end of Donald Trump, and many Republicans might see him as a liability.

  • The fact that clearly he has been at the center of whatever been going on over the last few hours and the violence that we've seen in Washington, and they may well come to the conclusion that it just isn't worth it anymore to be part of Donald Trump's team.

  • Yes, as you say, lots of questions about whether members of the Republican Party will continue to support him, even though he's out of office in a couple of weeks on what sort of influence he may or may not continue toe have on the party.

  • But you know, what about impeachment?

  • There's talk of that certainly plenty of people talking about that in the States and also briefly touch on us touch on this forest Peter as to what is going to unfold then, over the next couple of weeks, up to the inauguration in terms off, uh, making sure that Washington is secure and that transition does happen in an orderly way.

  • Oh, yeah, and I think that final issue is probably the key one for so many people, because the blaring question from the last 24 hours is how on earth did this happen when everyone had been expecting a major protest in the capital in Washington as this key joint session of Congress was taking place.

  • Yet security seemed to be so lax, and it was so easy for those protesters to get into the building.

  • So there'll be a major investigation into that and be hugely surprising if heads don't roll a Sfar.

  • A security officials are concerned within Congress because of what happened.

  • But then, as you say, the next task is to secure the Capitol building and to secure the center of Washington really, for the inauguration itself.

  • Now, of course, this year, unlike previous inaugurations, it will be a very different and more scaled down affair because of coronavirus.

  • You won't hear Joe Biden encouraging his supporters to travel to Washington to witness his inauguration, so it is going to be much smaller, and that will help in terms of security.

  • But nevertheless, it za key issue.

  • A state of emergency was declared earlier in the day because of what was happening that has been extended to beyond the inauguration, such as the concern of the local authorities in Washington.

  • Okay, Peter, thank you very much, Peter bows on Daz Peter mentioned in the past half hour.

  • Congress finished counting the Electoral College votes and confirmed President elect Joe Biden.

  • Despite the disruption and objections from Republicans to election results in Arizona and Pennsylvania, members from both chambers were able to certify the Electoral College more than 14 hours after the process began.

  • The undersigned Roy Blunt and Amy Klobuchar tellers on the part of the Senate Zoloft Grin and Rodney Davis tellers on the part of the House of Representatives, report the following as a result of the ascertainment and counting of the electoral vote for president and vice president of the United States for the term beginning on the 20th day of January 2000 and 21.

building well.

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