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  • so there's a lot to unpack in those comments before I get to the putting things together.

  • Part for Dan Graziano.

  • Let's start with that look on Dominic's face.

  • You are the sort of representative on this show for deck, and and the guy who signs the checks just said you couldn't have mawr leverage.

  • What is your reaction, man?

  • We bought to get paid, I think Dak Prescott.

  • I mean his value.

  • I was concerned when he got hurt because I thought maybe Andy Dalton would come in and they'll be all right and people might say that it's not that and they will be wrong.

  • But that's not what happened.

  • As my man, R.

  • C, said, Andy Dalton came in there he was turkey, bacon.

  • He wasn't the real thing.

  • That offense was not nearly the same.

  • They went toe 30th and efficiency with Andy Dalton without Dak Prescott.

  • So this team is bad.

  • You saw Trevor Lawrence when, after the the semifinal game, and someone said something about how his mustache was a little bit wispy.

  • That is their offense.

  • Without that Prescott, it is that mustache.

  • But you and Dak Prescott.

  • Suddenly they become Steve Harvey's mustache.

  • It is thick and full and outstanding.

  • They are in dire need of Dak Prescott to come back and resuscitate the desiccated husk of a football team that they are without my man, Dak Prescott.

  • Give him all the money.

  • Okay, that's an excellent speech.

  • I love the fact you begin with we, you and Deck are going to get all the way.

  • I like that a lot.

  • Eso Graziano never met him.

  • But we're best friends.

  • I've missed asking you this question, Dan, but I feel like I did it every day for about two years.

  • Where do we stand in all of this?

  • And and how should we expect it to go?

  • Jerry Jones says he he's made his career out of putting things together.

  • How does he put this together?

  • Yeah, The worst part about the rule that says you can't negotiate with a franchise player during the season is that we haven't been able to have this conversation since July.

  • So I'm so glad it's back.

  • Uh, look, Dak Prescott, the Cowboys wanna pay him.

  • They tried to pay him.

  • He has leverage.

  • He had leverage last year.

  • And that's the main reason the deal isn't done because he held out to say, Hey, unless I get the structure and the contract that I want every single thing I want, I don't have to sign.

  • I'm gonna make $31 million on a franchise tag.

  • That's fine with May Weaken.

  • Try this again next year and that's where we are.

  • And it's even better for him now because the franchise number is gonna be even higher.

  • And there is no reason for Dak Prescott to sign a contract before the franchise tender deadline unless he gets literally every single thing he wants from the Dallas Cowboys.

  • So, RC, I've I've got, like, 15 seconds.

  • Give me the crystal ball.

  • How does this wind up playing out this offseason?

  • Oh, that Prescott is gonna be where the money resides.

  • And that's so who?

  • Mary had a little lamb that Prescott is gonna get his money and he got more money or made more money in his absence than he did being present for this team at quarterback.

  • That Prescott is gonna be one of the top players top paid players in this league, and he's gonna be able to name his price and name his length this time.

  • Unlike the last negotiation, Thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

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so there's a lot to unpack in those comments before I get to the putting things together.

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