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  • well.

  • It's reported yesterday that Kevin Durant, facing a seven day quarantine after exposure to someone who tested positive now remember Katie himself had Cove in 19 in May.

  • But this is the league's protocol, and he does.

  • If he misses all seven days, that will include the next next four games.

  • So starting tonight against Utah, back to back against Philly.

  • Memphis that a Sunday game against the Thunder.

  • So Tim, the Nets are only three and four, even with K D playing six of the first seven games, what do you feel the Nets should be focusing on over the next week without their leading scorer?

  • Well, Steve Nash is to go find every instructional tape he confined on how to play defense and just play them for the next week whenever they can play him.

  • Give him two guys to watch at home watching practice watch on the plane at the hotel before the game.

  • This team needs to start guarding people.

  • They don't have very much defensive talent.

  • If you go through their top eight or nine guys, I would argue they have no above average defensive players and they have several minus ones.

  • Whether it's Kyrie, Irving, Joe Harris.

  • Care slipper.

  • Taurean Prince.

  • So they're already working at a deficit.

  • But this team needs to play much better at that end.

  • If they want to be a true championship contender, you go.

  • Over the last decade, no team other than the Golden State Warriors has been outside the top 10 in defense efficiency, in the words of 2018 were 11th in defensive efficiency.

  • That was a team.

  • I think we'd all agree that had a lot more defensive talent than being outside of the top 10.

  • This team does not have that.

  • They have to get much, much better at that.

  • And I think if there weren't any chance to be in a new elite team in the East, yeah, and look, I think Kevin Durant's best offensive years came when he was in Golden State, and that's because of the clear principles, the style of defense.

  • He was motivated until he was up there in conversation towards the end of the year.

  • Is that could he be the defensive player of the year?

  • So is he going to be able to get to that same spot?

  • I don't think so.

  • I think for me, you have to look at the other guys.

  • You always have to look at your team from like as a player and say, like, Where can I contribute?

  • Losing Spencer Dinwiddie?

  • Taurean Prince?

  • These guys have to focus on the defense of end.

  • If you told me, all I have to do is becoming above average defender and we are a championship level team, but that's what it's going to take.

  • But that's also going to be the leadership.

  • You talk about the leadership of Kyrie, the leadership of Kevin Durant.

  • Can they get the other players to buy in on the defensive on the defensive scheme and Steve Nash?

  • And, you know, look, we know Mike.

  • Mike D'Antoni is not a defensive, you know, monster.

  • But they need a lot of guys contributing defensive end and they're not getting it.

  • Yeah, you don't have toe have individual great defense of players.

  • To have a great defensive team, you just need a great infrastructure on defense.

  • I mean, my Boston Celtics team, we didn't have individual great defenders outside of Kevin, but we had a system in place, but also I've been watching the Nets this year and I think they have to do a better job and staggering the Stars, too.

  • I think Kevin or Kyrie needs to play with the second unit.

  • I also believe Jared Allen should be starting.

  • I mean, I think he's a huge key to what they do defensively.

  • And so I think it's just minor tweaks and what they need to do with their lineups.

  • Faras staggering minutes with your stars, getting more time, trying to find more Minister Jared Allen in that starting lineup also, and I think that will help their defense performance.

  • Moving forward.

  • Tim.

  • What's the politics right now on Jared Allen starting?

  • Well, DeAndre Jordan is friends with Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving.

  • So he's starting.

  • Uh, there's little doubt to me that Jared Allen is the far better player and he should be starting, and Paul is right.

  • I'm sure Richard would agree whether I'll say it or not on, but that's just doesn't seem like it's gonna be the case.

  • And that's Paul's point.

  • Everybody e your friends e.

  • Why are you pointing me anyway?

  • That was fantastic, Tim.

  • Thank you so much for joining.

  • I will say that assumes they fired assumes they fired the coach.

  • DeAndre Jordan was starting like the very next day.

  • Listen, Richard Jefferson was friends with LeBron who before he got on the team, don't like that.

  • Do you know what I'm saying?

  • E.

  • Hey had 1 ft out the league at that point but held on held on e 40 has no idea what he's gotten into.

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