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  • in the end, people who are heard all this is fine.

  • But what's the take away?

  • They want a commandment We're talking about consciousness.

  • Commandments won't fly.

  • Commandments means you're trying to fix your life.

  • Consciousness means you want to liberate your life.

  • My intention is you must liberate your life.

  • People come and stay Said group.

  • Please teach us how to control my mind.

  • So you want your mind control or liberated?

  • Oh yes, he is liberated.

  • But how to control?

  • Because they think that intelligence is a serious problem and it's being in their lives.

  • So what is the solution?

  • If you remove a part of your brain, you will be fine.

  • You're essentially complaining.

  • I wish I had the brain off.

  • Unearth one This human brain I'm not able to handle.

  • Yes, that is a fact.

  • See, according to Charles Darwin, Is Englishman okay?

  • It's not me.

  • Charles Darwin said that you evolved out of a monkey.

  • You are a monkey.

  • Then you became a man.

  • Some of the neuro neuroscientists today are studying.

  • I mean, genetic scientists are saying this that the difference the DNA difference between a chimpanzee and you is only 1.23%.

  • So in that sense, physiologically, you're only 1.23% away from a chimpanzee.

  • Not a big difference, Isn't it?

  • A shade?

  • It's just a share of difference.

  • But in terms of intelligence and awareness, you are worlds apart from a chimpanzee.

  • So your problem is just this You have an intelligence for which you don't have a stable enough platform on.

  • That's why yoga to create a stable platform so that your intelligence works for you right now, you may call it so many things.

  • So many exotic names have come up.

  • Stress, tension, anxiety, depression, madness, all kinds of things.

  • All this essentially, what it means is your intelligence has turned against you.

  • That's all.

  • You can give any number of reasons.

  • But essentially your intelligence has turned against you.

  • If your intelligence was working for you, would you create blissful nous or misery?

  • This all why your intelligence has turned against you?

  • There's no stable enough base.

  • So the entire yogic system is about this, that you create a stable base so that you are intelligence works for you.

  • If you are intelligence turns against, you know power in the universe is going to save you.

  • You are a done thing.

in the end, people who are heard all this is fine.

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LIFE & LIBERATION ?: Why You Must Liberate Your Life & Open Your Mind - Sadhguru

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