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  • What do you think, Dominic?

  • What does that talk like in that locker room after after Chase Young?

  • You know there's that whole don't tug on Superman's Cape thing.

  • Are you worried about that?

  • No, not at all.

  • I mean, so Tom Brady is gonna go into this playoff game and be kind of ready to play.

  • But did you see that cell phone video Chase Young?

  • So you're telling me that Tom Brady was sitting at home eating his avocado ice cream and then he saw that video?

  • He spit it out a lot of going to study film right now because chase Young that he wants to get me like that.

  • That could be kind of feels a little bit absurd.

  • Or the offensive linemen are Suddenly we're gonna kick slide a little bit harder because of that video that chase Young put out.

  • But I don't know, it's fun.

  • I think it adds to the excitement and interest in the game, but I think it has no impact on the outcome or the preparation e.

  • I think Chase Young feels like Sheree Whitfield from the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

  • She wants ask a question.

  • Who gonna check me boo on.

  • That's what Chase Young?

  • Because Young is looking at this from his own perspective that there's gonna be a dude who stands in front of me who got a block.

  • Me?

  • I ain't scared of him.

  • And then when I beat him, it's gonna be based on the fact it's gonna be.

  • Can Tom Brady be more athletic than I am?

  • Can Tom Brady be stronger than me?

  • No, he cannot.

  • That's the individual prison he's looking at this for from.

  • And I got an opportunity to interview Chase Young the day before the draft, and I asked him a very simple question.

  • If you could sack anybody in the league, who would it be?

  • And he said, Tom Brady, this dude's 21.

  • Tom Brady has been the greatest quarterback off all time since this dude's been watching football.

  • Hell, yeah, he wants to sack him.

  • Now.

  • He's boys, right?

  • He ain't thinking about Kendall Fuller.

  • He ain't thinking about Ronald Darby.

  • Darby.

  • He ain't thinking about all these dudes.

  • They got to cover all these wide receivers.

  • He's simply thinking about him, and what he's thinking is based on what I know about me.

  • I'm the baddest dude in the world.

  • So you can't block me and you can't run from me.

  • So I'm gonna go get Tom Brady, Not the rest of y'all.

  • Y'all got to do your jobs.

  • But who gonna check me?

  • Boo is what changed young thinking.

  • What do you think, Desmond?

  • Listen, Chase Young is ah, fantastic young talent.

  • But he's a rookie, you know, he's a rookie and he thinks it's a takeover.

  • But don't bark up that tree because that tree will fall on u E for warn you.

  • So don't take aside King, because you better not miss.

  • He might just wanna die back because our seat hit it on the head.

  • You about to put a lot of pressure on those guys behind you, sir, what do you think are say?

  • No.

  • Hey, that's what it is.

  • Listen, I was a part of a team, uh, that guaranteed a win against Tom Brady.

  • Guys, I I was sick, but I was there, and I remember I remember playing his day to ask one of my homeboys the question and he said, he's like, he's like, Do you guarantee And he goes, Yeah, I guarantee it.

  • And then I remember, man.

  • We got bombed on that entire game and I'm sitting on the sideline.

  • Tom Brady throws a touchdown run 70 yards to get in this players face and talk about what happened and talk about what he said.

  • And so I understand that piece of it that there could be some motivation, some some bulletin board material.

  • But I think Tom will even look at and understand what it is.

  • He's the goat.

  • This kid is young.

  • He wants to come back as he should.

  • And so though you put a lot of pressure on the rest of your team, and obviously Tom Brady's gonna be focused anyway.

  • That's the way he plays.

  • I don't think this becomes something that elevates the Tampa Bay Buccaneers play toe toe, a point to where the Washington football team can't compete at least not any more than they were going to compete before the week started.

  • I think that's fair.

  • It is the stuff that makes it fun on.

  • I can't help but believed as somewhere in your heart you think there's a little Ohio State Michigan thing going on here is well right.

  • Chase Young is a Buckeye Tom Brady is a Wolverine.

  • There's gotta be a little bit of that in this somewhere.

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What do you think, Dominic?

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'Don't take a shot at the king!' - Desmond Howard to rookie Chase Young | Get Up

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