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  • the bill to college football to blue bloods in the countdown to a national championship, Ohio State will face Alabama on ESPN in Miami.

  • You held your breath, and then you marvel that what Justin Fields did Friday night in the Allstate Sugar Bowl devastating hit didn't stop the Ohio State star from an all time performance in the semi final win over Clemson, where he threw six touchdowns.

  • Ryan Day today was asked about Fields performance and his health moving forward just in such a competitive guy.

  • Um, you know, he wasn't gonna come off the field, and that's just the way he's wired.

  • You're gonna have toe pull him off the field.

  • Um, it was pretty, pretty amazing performance.

  • And, uh, you know, is good the next day, he actually his comment to me was, you know, he felt better wake up in the morning than he expected.

  • So, you know, Well, he working through the week and, um, you know, have a great week of preparation.

  • Get ready to play on Monday night.

  • Yeah, definitely.

  • Come to play.

  • He expects him to play.

  • Missed only one play after that nasty hit in Louisiana.

  • The quarterback matchup in Miami promises to be a good one.

  • Fields and Mac Jones.

  • The two combined for 10 touchdown passes in the semifinal games.

  • Each has just one loss in their careers as starters.

  • And look what they've done this season.

  • Top five and the F B s everywhere you look, including the two best Q B R s in the country.

  • College sports reporter Adam Rittenberg joining us now with much Morris.

  • So Adam Day says he expects Fields to play.

  • What else can you tell us about how the Buckeyes air getting ready and preparing their quarterback?

  • Well, Kevin Ryan Day said nothing was gonna change with Ohio State's practice this week leading up to the championship game.

  • And that means no contact for Justin Fields, just as it's been throughout his entire career.

  • Quarterbacks always have no contact or very little contact and practice sources in the program telling me they feel he'll be fine.

  • Keep in mind.

  • Justin Field had that injury to his throwing thumb in the Big 10 championship game, looked fine in the semifinal.

  • He came back from that massive hit he took against Clemson and delivered a career performance.

  • Now, neither day nor field said what the diagnosis was.

  • They didn't know immediately after the game.

  • They know now they're not saying much.

  • But there's certainly optimism in the program that Fields will be fine by the time they face Alabama.

  • We hope and wish the young man good, healthier, moving forward and that we get a really good showdown in Miami between Ohio State and Alabama.

  • Adam, thank you.

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the bill to college football to blue bloods in the countdown to a national championship, Ohio State will face Alabama on ESPN in Miami.

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Justin Fields is expected to play in National Championship vs. Alabama despite injury | SportsCenter

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