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  • It's big news.

  • It's sneaky.

  • Big news.

  • Alabama coach Nick Saban told ESPN yesterday that star wide receiver Jaylen Waddle has been cleared to practice this week and has a chance to play Monday against Ohio State in the national championship game.

  • He hasn't played since he broke his ankle on October 24th.

  • If they do get him back for this game, they will be getting one of the most explosive players in college football and his five games this year.

  • That's the number he averaged over 22 yards, a catch that is best in the SEC, the fifth best overall.

  • He's that kind of good.

  • Give indication of how good he is.

  • A sui bring a Desmond NRC into the conversation.

  • At the time that he got hurt.

  • Davante Smith's name was not even listed amongst the candidates for the Heisman.

  • He wasn't considered the best receiver on his own team.

  • He won the Heisman Trophy last night.

  • Does you cover the sport for us?

  • How good is Jaylen Waddle?

  • And how much of a difference could he make if he plays on Monday greeny before the season starts?

  • We do.

  • Are we calling preseason predictions right we predict what's gonna happen throughout the 2020 season, and I had to make a Heisman prediction, and my Heisman prediction was that Jalen Waddle would win the highest.

  • That's what type of player is.

  • He's an outstanding challenge.

  • I mean, the guy is an excellent return man.

  • You could move them all around the offense.

  • He's explosive.

  • He's fast.

  • I had direct right position, but the wrong player.

  • Now, I don't know if this man is really gonna play in this game.

  • Listen, there's a reason when a player gets concussed that they hide the ham it from him.

  • The reason greeny is because you have to protect us as players from ourselves because our natural inclination is to always go out there and go back on the field and play.

  • You may have to hide the cleats from Jalen Waddle because he just broke his ankle October 24th.

  • I thought the target date for return would be maybe the combine for him to be able to even practice at this point is ridiculous to me.

  • I wouldn't risk it if I'm Jalen Waddle, but what it does is it puts a tremendous amount of pressure.

  • Ohio state's defensive coordinator.

  • Knowing this guy just might be.

  • But I tell you what.

  • If you go out there Monday night, you see Jalen Waddle warming up.

  • Oh, my God.

  • Defense coordinating their secondary is gonna be so nervous.

  • You got Steve out there running routes and catching passes.

  • So this puts a tremendous amount of pressure in Ohio State's defense, especially, they're coordinating the secondary.

  • If what I was able to play is he better RC than his teammates who won the Heisman Trophy last night?

  • You know, it's it's hard to say he's better after what you saw Devante do.

  • I think Devante is probably, um, or complete receiver.

  • But this dude is explosive.

  • When you see Jalen Watto get the ball, it's like King challah on a fresh dose of that heart shirt.

  • Shape, Earth, you know, I mean, like, he is a different from everybody else.

  • He had 17 touchdown at Alabama.

  • He's had 757 yards on those catches.

  • He averages 14, 5 yards a touchdown catch.

  • I'm gonna say it again.

  • 45 yards, a touchdown catch and that don't matter if you throw him a curl.

  • If you throw him a slant if you throw him a screen.

  • If you throw him a post, he is instant office.

  • He's like 1/6 man.

  • You bring him in, you know you're getting explosive plays.

  • And so when you have a player like that, he just changes.

  • The dynamic of what you could do is an offense and how you prepare as the defense.

  • And we do live in the world where it could have been like rugs and Judy, where if Waddle plays the whole year, he goes before the Heisman winner Devante Smith.

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It's big news.

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