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  • this is getting a tiny bit precarious.

  • There have been some discussions about postponing the game because of covert issues within Ohio State's program.

  • I'm sure if you are anywhere near Social Media yesterday, you saw some of the conversation around that.

  • So let us get to what is really going on by bringing in our college football reporter extraordinaire.

  • There's Heather Devic, Dennis.

  • Thank you for getting up with us, Heather.

  • What do we know as of right now about the game Monday night?

  • Good morning, Green, C F P executive director Bill Hancock told me.

  • There have been no changes and the game is planned for January 11th, as it always has been.

  • Jean Smith, Ohio State's athletic director, said the same thing as did Alabama's athletic director and SEC commissioner Greg Sank e so January 11th.

  • It is, I can tell you that a school spokesman at Ohio State told me that the Buckeyes air expected tow land in Miami on Saturday at 6 p.m. They practiced on Tuesday.

  • They continue their daily antigen testing, but as we know October 19, it is a fluid situation.

  • I reported last week the C F.

  • P s makeup date should it need to be postponed?

  • Is January 18th.

  • All right, so that would be pushing it back a week.

  • Should they need to do that again?

  • As of right now, that is not the plan.

  • What else do we need to know?

  • I saw your reporting yesterday about specific protocols and things like that.

  • I'm sure the fans are are desperate to hear some of that.

  • What can you tell us about the specific protocols that will ultimately determine whether the game is played Monday or not?

  • Greening.

  • Before the season began, the C F p determined that I'm gonna look at my phone here because I got the document yesterday through a text.

  • And it said an institution may postpone a game on Lee if it has fewer than 53 roster players available to begin the game with the following minimum number of position players seven.

  • Offensive lineman for interior, defense of linemen and one quarterback.

  • An institution may play with fewer than the threshold numbers of players if it elects to do so, So that is the C F.

  • P s threshold, which was instituted by the commissioners before the season.

  • So, you know, really 18 minutes ago, we began this conversation talking about the Cleveland Browns and the idea that the NFL will not postpone the game for competitive reasons.

  • Onley if it is deemed unsafe.

  • And it feels like this is similar, right?

  • I mean, Ohio State may wind up.

  • We don't know.

  • They may wind up playing this game significantly short handed, but that would not be what would determine whether it's played or not.

  • Am I understanding that correctly?

  • Look, if the game is postponed, is going to be postponed because Dr Jim Borchers, their medical person who has been the point person for Cove in 19, has said, Look, we can't do this for one reason or another, but the threshold as the C F.

  • P states, It was what I explained, and that obviously plays a role into it.

  • Alright, so we'll wait and see again.

  • This is not Ah, first for Ohio State.

  • They had multiple games postponed Over the course of the season.

  • They have dealt with Covad issues.

  • Ah, good deal.

  • We thought maybe they had put that behind them as they work their way through the Clemson game in the Big 10 championship game, which uh, they had missed several of their important players to play, and now we will see again.

  • E.

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this is getting a tiny bit precarious.

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