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  • the Chiefs, quite frankly, have looked like the best team all season long.

  • That's where the number one seed in the NFC that was already locked up before they got here.

  • But 10, This Bill squad right now, I'm not sure anybody wants to see them at any point in the playoffs.

  • You got that right.

  • Listen, this was like, Hey, we're gonna play you for a little bit in this game.

  • Maybe not the whole thing.

  • We'll see how it goes.

  • And you saw what Josh Allen did, even in that environment.

  • And then you think about well, and they're gonna score on special teams.

  • They're dangerous and in large part because the quarterback is just that physically talented, just plain and simple.

  • He's that good.

  • He's that gifted the ability to just take a game over so they can score with you.

  • They're going to play good defense, you know, their unique offensively because they do want to spread you out and create opportunities for Stefon Diggs.

  • Yeah, I think there's an element of the fact and rightfully so that we have talked so much about the Kansas City Chiefs.

  • But in doing that, we've maybe allowed this Bills team to fly a little bit under the radar because I think they could go toe to toe with anybody.

  • Probably.

  • Tim.

  • I agree with you.

  • Yeah, Tim, I agree with you.

  • Would you watch Buffalo the last couple of weeks?

  • They tried to go out there and show the world what they were when they played the Patriots.

  • They didn't let their foot off the gas.

  • They wanted to show everyone on national television that they are the real deal.

  • And Josh Allen has been lights out all season.

  • They're going against the Dolphins today, and they just they look, they don't they don't wanna let up.

  • And when you think about the A F.

  • C in the Kansas City Chiefs, what in Kansas City do they can score a lot of points.

  • We'll Buffalo is showing everyone that they can score a lot of points as well.

  • And if you wanna beat Kansas City, you're gonna have to score points.

  • So in the playoffs, you never know what's gonna happen.

  • But I think that Buffalo probably has the best chance offensively because of the points that they can put up to maybe upset Kansas City and and look.

  • I mean, when was the last time Buffalo swept the division?

  • It's been a long time.

  • Yeah, a long time indeed.

  • And it took a long time to get here, seemingly for this 2020 season.

  • But here we are, Chief number one seed in the NFC Packers, number one seed in the NFC.

  • Both will have the first weekend off.

  • Then the question becomes, Who will win the NFC East crown later tonight?

  • Washington wins it.

  • They get it.

  • If they lose, the Giants get it.

  • So we put all that together, Tim.

  • Takeaways Week 17.

  • Playoffs coming up next weekend.

  • What do you got?

  • Listen, my take away is this a NFL Bravo?

  • Good for you.

  • Because there was a lot of doubt whether or not we were gonna be able to do this played an entire regular season.

  • We're headed to the postseason in just like other years.

  • We get to the four o'clock game, you know, in the last game that's played in the four o'clock games, is basically a kick toe win the division that banks off of the upright and goes in, and then we have a Sunday night matchup that's going to put a team you know into the postseason, there's nothing better.

  • It's one of the things that you asked.

  • Absolutely love about the NFL, you know, it comes down the week 17.

  • There's always seem to be ramifications for the postseason.

  • That's no different this season, even though it's been a year like no other.

  • So well done getting to this point yet him and putting the team into the postseason with a losing record, regardless of with Washington wins or loses, a team with a losing record is gonna win that division in NFC East.

  • It's wild, Rob.

  • What was your take away?

  • Look, I know, I know.

  • Tampa played the Falcons, but Tom Brady, at 43 still can throw that ball so so well.

  • And when you look at the stat line 399 yards, four touchdowns again, if you can keep him upright and keep him protected in the NFC in the playoffs.

  • Now that everyone the records don't matter, they look good.

  • And offensively.

  • I know Evans had a little miss happened and you don't know that what his knee, what's going on with his knee, but they have a ton of weapons offensively and with Tom Brady is a quarterback.

  • Look, you could say I'm a Homer, but Tom Brady is a quarterback.

  • You could take you places.

  • Yeah, He took you to Super Bowl win, so you could you could ride with him all you want to rob.

  • Whole thing was gonna give you any grief about that, But stats matter.

  • Numbers matter what he did his first season there in Tampa to get that team back into the postseason.

  • And then how the Patriots fell off.

  • That tells you all you need to know if you didn't already know about Tom Brady.

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the Chiefs, quite frankly, have looked like the best team all season long.

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