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  • well, the Jaguars air in a pretty good position heading into the offseason.

  • They hold the number one pick.

  • They can take their time identifying their future franchise quarterback, and, plus, they'll enter the off season with the league's most cap space.

  • But it's important to point out, though, they will have their work cut out for them.

  • Whoever takes this job, the Jags have posted the league's worst record while committing the most penalties over the last three seasons.

  • So there's a head coaching vacancy, Dan, for a reason.

  • But you heard Shot con.

  • Are they considering Urban Meyer?

  • When, in my understanding, is that there's legitimate to weigh interest there with the Jaguars and with Urban Meyer, the former Ohio State coach, very interesting name.

  • Obviously, the idea of him making the jump from college to the NFL hasn't even been coaching the college game the last couple of years.

  • But I'm told that he has done some due diligence in terms of who might be on the staff, what kinds of procedures there would be.

  • Not sure how the handicapped the likelihood of it, but there is definitely some interest there from the Jaguars and Urban Meyer and from Urban Meyer into the possibility of jumping to the NFL and joining the Jaguars, Adam mentioned Desirable Job, the idea of coaching Trevor Lawrence, assuming he's the number one overall pick.

  • Among other things, make that Jacksonville Jaguars job, one that candidates really, really find interesting.

  • You know, Dan, when you look since the turn of the century Ah, lot of these big name college coaches and I've tried in the NFL have all fell.

  • When you consider guys like Nick Saban, 15 and 17 with the Dolphins Chip Kelly twice, you look at names like Graziano, Steve Spurrier.

  • That's not to say that you couldn't be successful for a lot of the reason.

  • You and Adam just the numerator.

  • It is a great job.

  • You have Trevor Lawrence, you have other picks and certainly cap space.

  • But part of the transition is the non obvious understanding.

  • When you could practice how you could practice the whole idea of player development.

  • It's totally different from college to pro football, so there would be a steep learning curve who was on his staff would be really important.

  • So even if Urban Meyer decided to do it, it may take a year or two for him to get up to speed.

  • And again, we have about a 20 year body of work to see that it's really hard to make this transition from college to pro football more.

  • Certainly we understand there's pros and cons to every situation.

  • What's the level of interest around the league in this job in particular?

  • Well, it's It's one of only 32 jobs in the NFL, those air prestigious job.

  • So it's it's naturally an intrigued then you're really talking about.

  • Can they attract an elite level coach?

  • And I think Adam on and on and Graziano and Mike have spelled out why this might be attractive.

  • I mean, you have the presumptive number one pick in Trevor Lawrence, who wouldn't want to start with the quarterback like that.

  • You have the $100,000 in salary cap space, although I should mention that doesn't necessarily mean he's gonna spend $100 million in free agent.

  • So we know that formula doesn't work, but it's nice to have that space to be flexible with on then and then.

  • I also think that there are some coaches who want to talk to shot calm because what he said today, I'm going to attend, uh, continue with complete control personnel until we have a coach in place.

  • What does that mean?

  • That's gonna have to be defined.

  • And, Oh, by the way, even though you have $100 million in cap space, my understanding is there's a lot of improvements that need to be made done around the facility.

  • So, yes, it's a very attractive job.

  • There's a lot of pluses to it, but I think the coach will be interviewing the owner as well as the other way around.

  • Mike More.

  • You make a really interesting point about what shot constantly about roster control.

  • Let's talk about Urban Meyer.

  • Urban Meyer has been successful going back to Bowling Green, Utah University of Florida.

  • Obviously, what he did at Ohio State was tremendous.

  • If I'm Urban Meyer or his representative, that's gonna be critically important.

  • It's hard for me to think that he's gonna come to the NFL without control, including sitting up the front office.

  • So what was the context of what what he said, and how did he say it?

  • That would be really important.

  • That's not just a throwaway line that could make make or break a deal.

  • And again, I've been in that room on both sides of negotiating these contracts.

  • Who has control, who has final say is paramount in decision making.

  • So it'll be interesting to see how the search goes and how riel urban Meyer's interest is and whether or not at the end, he walks away because he feels like he can't have impact on the roster.

  • To the extent that he wants to thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content, subscribe to ESPN plus.

well, the Jaguars air in a pretty good position heading into the offseason.

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