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  • Jeff Saturday.

  • You're the perfect person to come to because you have a young star quarterback who's done great things in the regular season, had no playoff success.

  • That is the story of Lamar Jackson.

  • But I remember when it was the story of Peyton Manning and you were there.

  • Can you describe the pressure that was on Peyton when he was Oh, and three in his playoff career?

  • Absolutely brutal Greeny.

  • I mean, listen, every question you know, every question from every reporter is gonna be based around Lamar Jackson.

  • It's like the other 21 starters don't even get considered.

  • And you just had a stat that when they play them last year, Derrick Henry runs for 200 yards.

  • I don't think Lamar Jackson plays defense.

  • I'm not quite sure, but I'm pretty sure he doesn't.

  • At the bottom line, though, is every question every every answer is gonna be given is gonna be about Lamar Jackson.

  • How is this his fall?

  • What can he do to be better?

  • All of these different things at the end of the day, playoff football is team football.

  • It's not just about one quarterback, so too much emphasis on Lamar Jackson.

  • This football team cannot be focused on one player.

  • Everybody's gotta pull their weight to beat the Titans this weekend.

  • That video you were seeing was Patton's third playoff lost, 41.

  • Nothing at the Jets.

  • He didn't win his first playoff game until he was 27 years old.

  • Lamar is obviously a lot younger than that, Marcus.

  • What do you expect from Lamar Jackson?

  • I expect Lamar Jackson the ball.

  • I think this season kind of grew up.

  • These guys, if you think about it, fellas like Lamar has been on kind of a magical fairytale arrived, Um, not only because of his performance, but because of the success of the team.

  • And maybe that doesn't play well with young guys going into the playoffs.

  • I think this season in particular for Lamar Jackson has really been his grow up season.

  • His his coming out season.

  • Yeah, he was the M V p.

  • And people say Marcus, you crazy.

  • But no adversity hits different.

  • It lets you figure a lot of things out.

  • A lot of the talk about the offense, some of the losses down the road and then they needed toe win out in order to even get into the playoffs.

  • So I think there's gonna bowl well, not only for Lamar, but for the Baltimore Ravens as a whole.

  • But when you think about him, particularly solely as the quarterback of this team, the fact that he had to go fight in Cleveland, the fact that he had to go undefeated leading into this playoffs, you cannot tell me that that won't serve him better than the previous two years have served them in the playoffs.

  • So I expect him to play well.

  • I expect him to keep that same type of energy he's had for the last month of the season, and I think the expectation for the Baltimore Ravens within their building is for them to make a deep playoff running, potentially get to the Super Bowl based off Lamar in this run game and that defense, it's a point really well taken.

  • Last year was a year where everything went right for Lamar Jackson.

  • This year, I think, was a year where pretty much everything that could have gone wrong did go wrong.

  • Maybe that does make you sharper when the playoffs come down.

  • You were with that team this past weekend.

  • What were you hearing?

  • Yeah, I talked to Mark Andrews, their tight end about the differences, and he actually said, He said, We feel like we're Mawr battle hardened this time around.

  • Obviously, you know you'd like it.

  • You'd like to be 14 and two in the one seed every year.

  • But part of the benefit of having to fight your way in is maybe you have learned some of those lessons.

  • So on after the game, we interviewed J.

  • K.

  • Dobbins, and you know, he's a rookie.

  • But I asked him, What are they saying about last year?

  • And he said, We don't want to be one and done So obviously, it's a team with a significant mentality about what happened last year and what they want to do this year.

  • The good thing for them.

  • The Tennessee Titans played no defense whatsoever.

  • We were looking over the last 15 years there, the second worst playoff team of all the last 15 years in defensive efficiency.

  • It is set up for Lamar Jackson revenge game on.

  • If he doesn't have one, then the questions they're just going to continue into the next postseason.

  • Thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

Jeff Saturday.

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