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  • Let's bring in Adam Schefter.

  • We've heard about the close losses of what more can you tell us about why the Chargers went in this direction?

  • Adam well, and I think there's a team that's looking to make its mark.

  • It's looking to sell tickets.

  • It's looking to sell sponsorships.

  • And it's looking to excite a fan base that I think was disappointed by the way this team played and finished the year, despite the fact that it won four straight games to close out the year.

  • It has a excellent young quarterback in Justin Herbert.

  • So it's got a foundational element that you want to build around and get the fans excited about.

  • But Anthony Lynn a couple of years ago was 12 and four.

  • Like we said, one.

  • His last four games this year had over 100 games missed by starting players due to injuries.

  • There were any number of issues that he had to overcome.

  • Now everybody's gonna remember the clock gaffes, which again he's not the offensive play caller heating all the place, but it's his job to oversee them, and eventually the job did not get done.

  • The Chargers make the move.

  • You see the numbers on his tenure with the Chargers.

  • 33 31 23 a half points per game, 21.4 for the opponents.

  • And I think Anthony Lin had some big plans for the season ahead.

  • But he'll have to take those plans elsewhere, not with the charters.

  • And they share so fi stadium with the Rams.

  • You mentioned wanting to sell tickets in that brand new, beautiful stadium.

  • So once fans are allowed, obviously they want to put them and the seats there.

  • And with Justin Herbert at quarterback, that is a very attractive job.

  • What are some of the names being considered?

  • Not just for this opening, but a couple mawr that we've seen coming today.

  • We'll have it when we talk about the charges opening or the Jets opening or the Jaguars opening.

  • All of which opened today.

  • The names that you're going to hear the most about are the Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric the Enemy, the Titans offensive coordinator Arthur Smith.

  • And you're gonna hear about the 40 Niners defensive coordinator Robert Sala.

  • Now, let me say this that when you're talking about the charges job I think that they may want to get in some young, innovative offensive mind, like a Josh McDaniels like a Brian Day ball.

  • Somebody like that that can help elevate Justin Herberts play.

  • We'll see what direction they go.

  • There will be nothing that would be sweeter than stealing from the division rival Chiefs and bringing in Eric B.

  • Enemy who?

  • Oh, by the way, is interviewing virtually today with the Atlanta Falcons ended Detroit Lions for their head coaching jobs.

  • Again, the same names will continue to pop up.

  • By and large, we'll see what the charges decided to do with their opening And in Los Angeles, something splashy, something exciting.

  • We all know how well that plays out.

  • Adam Schefter with all the latest Anthony Davis E mean, Anthony Lynn.

  • A very good man, very popular with players, the media and the like.

  • I'm sure he'll land on his feet somewhere.

  • Adam.

  • Thank you.

  • Thank you.

  • Thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

for more on this breaking news.

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Who could the Chargers target to replace Anthony Lynn? | SportsCenter

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