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  • Tom Diet and you go along toilet and you saw how?

  • Well, now lawyers start also, you see your team you soon, since you're not more anti dot on your armor.

  • Hoping Guangdong to mhm.

  • Hello.

  • Oh, hi, Michael by Stanley Odd A.

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  • A wife and deemed a Sunday on When you're in Hong Kong and order Western food at an old school diner like Queens Cafe, you might get this soup as an appetizer.

  • Locals call it Laws Ontong, which literally means Russian soup in Cantonese.

  • It's a Chinese take on bush, or they go to Hong Kong.

  • Now what out?

  • Where does your back or John Wherever you got your Yasin, huh?

  • On the second day, they chop up beef, onions, celery, carrots and tomatoes and stir fry them with tomato paste and ketchup to extract the flavor.

  • After that, they toss in mawr, tomatoes, garlic, bay leaf, red peppers, lemon and potatoes.

  • They add in the overnight beef broth on.

  • Let the whole thing's do for about three hours could see here a fan Kate on a Google Sisic pancake Tom gone down.

  • But even though Chinese people call it Russian soup, it tastes nothing like the borsch that Eastern Europeans air used to eating.

  • Oh, okay.

  • That's not so much different.

  • Whoa.

  • Okay.

  • What does it look like?

  • Tomato soup of vegetables.

  • Yeah, that's so strange.

  • Oh, it's definitely way more sour.

  • So how did it end up in Hong Kong?

  • That is a story of politics, migration and cultural adaptation.

  • In the 19 twenties, thousands of Russians fleeing political turmoil ended up in Shanghai.

  • One of those Russians went on to teach the you brothers.

  • Grandfather, uh, I got a, uh, The Russian emigres tried to recreate a taste of home, but they didn't have access to the main ingredient beats.

  • So they substituted in tomatoes.

  • Uh, China, Uh, e china.

  • Uh, thes Russian trained chefs created their own version of Western cuisine to suit Chinese tastes.

  • Later, when China was engulfed in civil war, many Shanghainese chefs moved to Hong Kong, which was then a British colony.

  • And they brought their food with, um, Dunkin's Hong Kong gang, or seek a hanging like you see, uh, Booth, uh, your booth Russian soup was just one of the dishes they served.

  • Got excited hand.

  • Hey there.

  • Hey, good sauce with your body, John.

  • Mhm.

  • like.

  • I don't know that we keep order.

  • Um, my easy and hang on.

  • Get your letter.

  • Horrible.

  • What I got Click of Lana.

  • A couple of moments of pizza, alcohol, cuisine or video.

  • Go scythe.

  • Lunde A.

  • The recipe for a Russian soup hasn't changed much except in one aspect.

  • You see where they would lock on the young?

  • We were very much hiking their home.

  • Where you going?

  • Well, by the way, I mean, we're talking today.

  • There are fewer restaurants that serve Hong Kong style western food, especially as more authentic forms of Western cuisine have become readily available.

  • But the U brothers hope to carry on their grandfather's legacy.

  • Tom, a great repeat gonna queen's the best.

  • Uh, corridor.

  • Gotta hold the whole world.

  • Found you.

  • Uh oh, God.

  • Oh, God.

  • The whole, like don't want something.

  • I would just call this veggie soup e don't know, but it Zack White Nice.

  • It's quite spicy.

  • Eyes this spicy.

  • It's amazing.

  • It's good.

Tom Diet and you go along toilet and you saw how?

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