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  • I think it's a shameful situation, no question about it.

  • But I do think that when you're three years removed from winning a damn Super Bowl or something most almost everybody else's aspiring to accomplish, you just want to Super Bowl three years ago, it is entirely plausible that Doug Peterson could go in there and say thistles on me.

  • This was an awful year, okay, we're going to make the necessary changes and we're gonna move forward.

  • And if I'm Jeffrey Lori, I give him an opportunity to do that because he's already shown me he could get the job done.

  • They've been to the playoffs the previous three years.

  • They want a Super Bowl three years ago.

  • This is the first time he's missed the playoffs in four years, all right.

  • And most of it, according to Max, was because of the play of Carson Wentz, not the coaching of Doug Peterson.

  • So Doug Peterson had a very bad and embarrassing week.

  • It was obviously a very bad season, but according to Max, it was because of cost.

  • It went his hard headedness, his unwilling to listen, his unwillingness to be coachable, etcetera, etcetera.

  • Well, if all of that is true.

  • Are we going to sit here with a straight face and say that A Super Bowl champion three years removed from being a Super Bowl champion and going to the playoffs the last three years?

  • And this is the first time he's missed the playoffs in four years.

  • We're going to just sit up there and say, You know what?

  • We don't want you goodbye.

  • Get the hell up out of here.

  • We want nothing to do with you.

  • I think that's a bit excessive.

  • I don't think Doug Peterson deserves that.

  • I think he deserves the opportunity to come back and to make amends for obvious mishap that transpired this week.

  • Well, you're pointing out the fact that Doug Peterson is an excellent coach.

  • I agree.

  • I think Doug Peterson could really coach.

  • I think Carson Wentz was the issue, and you saw no matter of any other quarterback that Peterson inserted and just ran his offense.

  • Whatever he wanted to do did very well.

  • That's different than saying he should remain in this job.

  • That's a different thing.

  • Howie Roseman.

  • First of all, let's start with the G M hasn't drafted a Pro Bowler in five years, Five years.

  • And yet Peterson was on board with Tanking, in my opinion, in order to move from 9 to 6.

  • But he passed up on D K.

  • Metcalf and he passed up on better receivers for worse receivers.

  • He's better off drafting nine than six.

  • Maybe a good player fall to him, and he doesn't have to choose one like choose a lesser player and he's excellent.

  • Should still be.

  • Fireman has not done.

  • Roseman is not on the job, and Peterson, based on what he did yesterday there you're not gonna keep a locker room next year.

  • You listen to Jason Kelsey.

  • Go.

  • It's the December 19th media availability.

  • Google it.

  • I highly recommend it.

  • It's worth your time.

  • Listen to what Jason Kelsey says.

  • If I'm Jeffrey Lurie, I have to send a message to the locker room.

  • Even if the coach and the G m don't get it, I do.

  • You gotta You gotta tear this down and start again.

  • You're right about your assessment of Peterson being a good coach.

  • I agree with that.

  • Not the right coach for this job right now.

  • I like man.

  • This this this is this is such a horrible conversation.

  • Um, like your resume determines whether you keep a job or not.

  • And for the most part, the Peterson resume in the last four years is a good as anybody is in the lead when you start having a conversation about what coaches should go and not go.

  • We talked about Ah, hobble team last year, making the playoffs in the last week of the season, beating the Dallas Cowboys like it's amazing to me.

  • It's amazing to me, and I know how important coaching is in the NFL.

  • I know how much how important coaching is in college football, but Nick Saban ain't the greatest coach of all time in football without the players.

  • Don't look at the list of names that he had the opportunity to coach there.

  • This is not rocket science.

  • Doug Peterson is a good coach.

  • Had a bad year, he could get the locker room back because he won the Super Bowl with a lot of those guys that were in the locker room, and they'll be fine moving forward if they get the players and surround him with people that can make plays.

  • Bottom line like this, that's what he's done for the majority of his time in Philly.

  • So having a conversation based off this year in the locker room and all the things that transpired with Carson was and and to another thing, people fail to mention when they throw their point out there, half of this damn locker room gonna be gone anyway.

  • It's about to be a redo anyway, off this football team.

  • So I get it.

  • I understand it like I'm with you, Max.

  • If if If there is no shadow of a doubt that Doug Peterson can't come back and get this locker room and get guys bought in and win, you gotta move on if players ain't gonna follow the coach.

  • But I don't think that's the case.

  • I really don't think that's the case, because Doug Peterson can go in front of a team and say, Guys, look what we've done.

  • Look what we've accomplished.

  • Look what I've been able to accomplish by the way Molly believe in me, and we can move forward and be a good football team.

  • And by the way, Molly Max Marcus, are we absolutely, positively sure that Jeffrey Lori did not sign off on this?

  • We don't know that.

  • No, that's Yeah.

  • I don't know that for that.

  • Yeah, if Doug Peterson was given marching orders, that's something else.

  • That's that's a possibility.

  • Yeah, he go telling his owner Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

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I think it's a shameful situation, no question about it.

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