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  • Chicago and ate and ate the same to 12.

  • And for the reason I mentioned the Bears air it ate and ate.

  • And sometimes football is just cyclical, like all life and sports, a cyclical the N B A East used to be where it's at.

  • Now it's the West.

  • Think about it, fellas.

  • In the A F C Seeds 456 and seven all won 11 games.

  • 456 and seven.

  • World 11 win teams.

  • The Bears were sneaking in the NFC at 88 with seventh seed.

  • The first year we've had 1/7 seed is the playoffs have expanded.

  • Now for the first time in 30 years to 14 teams key.

  • It sets up the question.

  • What does it mean for Matt Nagy?

  • There are reports that he will return.

  • The future seems a little murkier for Midst.

  • Robiskie.

  • Bottom line, though.

  • Three years, two playoff appearances, zero sub 500 seasons for Matt Nagy.

  • When I see that and think about that, when I say that out loud, I almost kind of wonder why he's on the hot seat.

  • Well, it's it hasn't been cleaned, right?

  • He got off to a fast start and it just the expectations for the offense to take off has was there, but they haven't done that.

  • They haven't taken off.

  • He was supposed to be this quarterback fixer.

  • This guy that was gonna come in and turn missed Robiskie into Patrick Mahomes or Aaron Rodgers or some of these great quarterbacks that we've seen in the past.

  • And yet, and still, he had to go out and acquire Nick Foles to try to challenge, uh, mixed Robiskie, then give way to Midst Robiskie.

  • But then he gave way to Nick Foles.

  • And then he goes back to Mr Robiskie when Nick Foles gets hurt, which was convenient enough.

  • And, you know, I was like, Okay, he's hurting that I could go back.

  • I have an excuse to do that.

  • When in the first place.

  • You should have never benched him at three.

  • And oh, you let it play out.

  • You let it run its course before you made that decision and they were at five and one once upon a time.

  • And now they're sitting in eight and eight back during into the playoffs.

  • Midst.

  • Robiskie play well down the stretch.

  • They made a decision not to exercise the fifth year optional Mitch.

  • But now they face this kind of dilemma off the what ifs.

  • They play the New Orleans Saints in New Orleans this weekend.

  • Okay, what does that mean?

  • It means New Orleans is probably gonna run shop.

  • So you think.

  • But there's always a what if right, because you get into the playoffs and then the next thing you know, that team that was supposed to be the playoff caliber team to go to the Super Bowl win it all winds up getting bounced by a team that was a one and done type team.

  • You look at what's happened to New Orleans in the past, whether it's been the Minnesota Vikings or whomever they've lost to him inside that building.

  • So I'm not just going to dismiss the Chicago Bears and missed Robiskie because what if New Orleans plays down the Chicago's game?

  • It starts to play, not as well.

  • And look up and go.

  • Oh, it's 17 14 in late fourth quarter.

  • Something weird happens.

  • So you gotta just be a little caution, cautious in terms of what happens and you say, Well, why is he on the hot seat?

  • Three offense?

  • The offense is.

  • Is this pedestrian supposed to be a high flying scoring machine?

  • Zubin, Can I say this because, you know, I spend a lot of time in Chicago.

  • Chicago is home for me when I got drafted.

  • There have a lot of friends there, and first off, I want I want to say that Let's be clear.

  • You could be happy about your team making the playoffs.

  • And the more you demand more at the same time, right?

  • I mean, they've had two playoff berths in a decade in a decade.

  • So finishing the season at three finishes in three and seven after 51 star.

  • Obviously, that's a lot of room for improvement.

  • I think that pace has probably got to go.

  • The general manager of team president, I think you probably stay with a guy like Matt Nagy.

  • I think you look for another quarterback and now look at Metro Robiskie.

  • Obviously, like Mike Tannenbaum said, This is fluid.

  • If he plays an incredible game, um that I don't know, you have more decisions to make down the stretch, but I think I don't think either one of those quarterbacks.

  • I think Nick Foles is your backup Q B.

  • I think if Robiskie plays well, great, you could make that decision afterwards.

  • But I think if he doesn't, you start looking on the market, You potentially looking to draft.

  • You look for other pieces to keep your team moving forward.

  • But I think the team president will be gone before Matt Nagy is going.

  • I think magnet, he comes back another year.

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Chicago and ate and ate the same to 12.

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