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  • now.

  • One thing that cannot be overshadowed is the performance of Steph Curry yesterday.

  • Now, have you been paying attention to the MBA season?

  • The Warriors kind of sputtered out of the gate.

  • They don't have clay, they didn't have Draymond and people were kind of put some slander on the Steph Curry name.

  • And he responded with a 62 point performance yesterday.

  • Jalen, what message did Curry send with this great game against the Blazers?

  • The message that he's gonna need to send all season if they're gonna be a playoff team and if they're gonna advance that he's an all NBA first team caliber player and the best point guard in the league.

  • It was great after watching him play five games last year to see him get back to this elite outstanding level.

  • Whereas usage was up his minutes and his effectiveness was really high.

  • Draymond green being out there had a lot to do it.

  • It would have screens and it's playmaking.

  • But also Steph Curry has to put the league and the fans in the world on notice that yes, we're that we're not the favorite toe win it all this year, But I'm gonna make sure I do work.

  • That's what we saw Russ doing K d left.

  • Okay.

  • See, that's what we see Hardened doing.

  • That's what we see Dame Lillard doing in Portland.

  • So Steph Curry is charged with doing that.

  • It was great to see him score 62.

  • Jalen, I have a confession.

  • E was one of the Doubters.

  • I was one of the daughters I was watching these early warriors games.

  • I wasn't myself like they might not even make the playoffs like they got developing.

  • Wiseman Wiggins doesn't really look right in uber wasn't hitting shots and I was like, This team doesn't look very good.

  • But a performance like this from Steph, if you're gonna get half of this from Steph every night, they can not just make the playoffs, but makes a noise.

  • I don't think you Bray will continue to shoot this poorly.

  • I don't I think Wiggins will come into his own.

  • I think Wiseman will develop like this is gonna be a very interesting team.

  • Toe watch.

  • And what I love about this performance of Steph was not shy about it.

  • He said, I heard of all of you.

  • I heard all of you heard everything you were saying.

  • And that motivated me to put up 62 points on the Blazers to a team over the past few years for sort of leapfrogging the Warriors in the standings.

  • The only time success comes before work is in the dictionary.

  • And when, Early in the year, when people like you were doubting, you know what he did?

  • He made 100 and five straight shots from three point range.

  • He was in the gym, continuing the work on his craft, and then it paid off in a major way, and the result was the 62 point game.

  • You understand what I'm saying?

  • And so that's what I like that I saw him be able to take those performances and now all of a sudden have his breakthrough signature performance off this early season.

  • Jalen, you and I both know what really turned around the season for Steph Curry, right?

  • Me and you both know what really have what really what really made this point performance happened.

  • What is it?

  • I'm glad you reminded me because when he was making that 105 he took the Braves out.

  • The Braves Braves when he had, they were struggling.

  • I said it and you know how much I love stuff, But I'm not a cool kid.

  • I'm not a cool kid, so I'm not acting like I know what the style is.

  • You see what I'm saying.

  • But either way, they must have been too tight, because now the scalp can breathe.

  • Jacoby looking good.

  • Three.

  • Look a hair so much free.

  • All that tension released from his cranium.

  • He's free to breathe free to hit 105 threes in a row, and it felt he hit 100 factors that gets in the way.

  • You know, the brains were too tight.

  • You talk about the motivation for people like me doubting you.

  • It was really the brains were two types beginning the season.

  • And finally, we want you to admit that on wax.

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Jalen & Jacoby react to Steph Curry's 62-point outburst vs. Trail Blazers

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