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  • try to give the offense trouble quick throw here is Devante Smith.

  • Goodbye, Farewell.

  • Touchdown.

  • Jones makes the perfect read.

  • There's only two defenders you can count on Devante Smith to make one guy miss.

  • That's Clarence Lewis freshman quarterback.

  • There's only one other guy.

  • The question is, did he step out of bounds?

  • It doesn't appear so.

  • We'll go to the pistol now with Harris, the running back, Jones spinning and faking and completing two.

  • Devante Smith makes him special.

  • The ability to sink his hips, get in and out of breaks and come back and make the catch.

  • Travis et en and briefs Hall.

  • The other finalists play fake by Jones has a man wide open.

  • Jalil Billingsley.

  • Another Bama touchdown.

  • He's going across to the other side of the field, and he's gonna be wide open.

  • Play action.

  • Where's Davante?

  • Way?

  • Got him covered.

  • Oh, nobody on Billingsley, who has really become Irish.

  • Showing blitz.

  • They brought pressure.

  • Jones threw away from it to Devante Smith, who's taken out of bounds across midfield.

  • You wonder where Devante Smith improved from last year that this year he will tell you that some of the second half of the season.

  • Take the Najee Harris and the quick strike to Devante Smith, and he is in for a touchdown on.

  • He is slow to get up to stop the run, and he just raises up and throws the quick slant to Devante Smith.

  • It's doomed if you do doomed if you don't.

  • If you're Notre Dame, I mean, how do you defend on offense this explosive and a quarterback who's smart enough to recognize dry land?

  • Irish fans hoping for a stop.

  • Mac Jones complaints to Devante Smith.

  • Just beyond the sticks.

  • It is the pistol.

  • Mac Jones faked it to Najee.

  • Harris lost one down the middle.

  • And what a catch by Devante Smith up into the air and down with it to the 49 yard line because Mac Jones his arm was hit right as he threw it.

  • But Devante Smith was still able to go up and collect the football.

  • Watched, booked.

  • Okay, there on that jump.

  • See, Mac Jones was not able to get the ball out cleanly.

  • Logan DJ with good pressure through the third quarter, they have the ball back after the first turn over the game.

  • Mac Jones.

  • Quick strike to John Mitchie.

  • John Mitchie down the sideline on Davante Smith's sidekick design roll to the right on first and goal, and he throws to the pylon and it is caught for another touchdown by Devante Smith.

  • Thistle is just beautiful timing and accuracy.

  • There's gonna push the route into the end zone, and he's expecting the football right in the front pylon, both feet and only needs one.

  • But the timing and the accuracy on the move by Mac Jones Spectacular.

  • Yeah, his fourth touchdown pass, the third caught by Devante Smith.

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try to give the offense trouble quick throw here is Devante Smith.

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Alabama’s DeVonta Smith, Mac Jones dominate Notre Dame [HIGHLIGHTS] | College Football Playoff

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