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  • Thistle is an area where Steve Sarkeesian trust his quarterback to take a shot down the field on play action.

  • Najee Harris.

  • Lots of running room outside.

  • Then he runs over Kyle Hamilton to get to the 18 and a first down.

  • We should also mention they did re spot the ball from the one to the three where the Irish first touched it, unless a 51 yard punt by Bramblett followed by this 15 yard game.

  • Really nice job blocking by Miller forced all the tight end on the end of the line and Devante Smith even out there, blocking on the perimeter as well.

  • Again, the problem with defending this team if you commit extra bodies to the run and Najee Harris, that leaves you in too many one on ones against Devante Smith.

  • We'll go to the pistol now, with Harris, the running back, Jones spinning and faking and completing two.

  • Devante Smith, his second catch, this one good for nine Nick Macleod there for Notre Dame.

  • That's what makes him special.

  • The ability to sink his hips, get in and out of breaks and come back and make the catch up.

  • He reminds me so much of Marvin Harrison the way he played Miss Harrison, a pro football Hall of Famer here.

  • Slade Bolden?

  • Yeah, who stepped in at the wide receiver spot after they lost Jalen Waddle in mid season to a fractured ankle against Tennessee.

  • Waddle.

  • Lightning quick holding more of a possession type receiver.

  • But he's an important player to he is.

  • I mean, he's filled in that gap of of a possession slot receiver.

  • There's Jaylen Waddle.

  • I mean, he was just as dynamic as you get in college football.

  • A lot of working his way back.

  • It seems like he might be available for the national championship game in 11 days, hurdling his Harris on now running down the sideline, and he's chopped out of bounds deep in Irish territory.

  • That's a man of 6 to 2 30 who went up and over Nick Macleod.

  • That's just unbelievable, right?

  • First of all, it looked like he was gonna lose yardage on the play.

  • He bounces it outside and then instinctively goes right over McLeod and turns it into a huge run.

  • You saw the graphic.

  • He's one of three finalists for the Doak Walker Award, is the best running back in the country.

  • You could go ahead and give him that one right now.

  • No offense to Travis ET en and briefs Hall.

  • The other finalists play fake by Jones has a man wide open.

  • Jalil Billingsley.

  • Another Obama touchdown.

  • Mhm again.

  • Devante Smith is going to draw double coverage back here.

  • Here's Billingsley.

  • He's going across to the other side of the field, and he's gonna be wide open.

  • Play action.

  • Where's Davante?

  • Way?

  • Got him covered?

  • Oh, nobody on Billingsley, who has really become a go to guy in this offense.

  • Another explosive weapon in this Alabama pass offense.

  • He had 12 catches for the season entering today, but 11 of them in the last five games.

  • Aziz got more comfortable.

  • They've got more comfortable playing him.

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Thistle is an area where Steve Sarkeesian trust his quarterback to take a shot down the field on play action.

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INCREDIBLE Najee Harris hurdle highlights Alabama TD drive vs. Notre Dame | College Football Playoff

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/01/04
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