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  • That leaves us that the Jets at number two.

  • They have a quarterback on the roster who, you says has a lot of skill.

  • Just need some talent around him.

  • And now you're in a position where you could bring in a coach that could maybe get that talent to mesh, to get the most out of Sam.

  • Or maybe they decided to move on from Sam.

  • Where do you stand?

  • You know, you you go back and forth with this thing, obviously, beginning of the season I was all in Sam, Sam, Sam, Sam, Sam, Sam no matter what, Sam, And then there's the season kind of came to an end.

  • I'm like, Well, you know, maybe maybe he moves on, Then I come back to you know, it all depends on what you want to do as a head coach.

  • So many times in this league, your draft position will dictate the narrative about what people think.

  • You should be at a position because Sam was drafted so high.

  • The first thing that comes to mind is he's got to throw the football and he's gotta be this and he's got to be that well, if you get a coach in there like a Kevin Stefanski who understands that who Baker Mayfield is as a quarterback.

  • And you, you have that guy now come to the New York Jets to understand what Sam is is a quarterback.

  • Now you're sitting at the number two spot, and I know I know Trevor Lawrence once in a lifetime.

  • He's the greatest quarterback.

  • He's a family guy.

  • All of those things, right?

  • You you hear all of that.

  • When was tell me the last time a number one over all quarterback outside the Mannings won a Super Bowl?

  • You gotta go all the way back past the Manning brothers to maybe get the Troy Aikman right.

  • And so when you start to look at it, yeah, if you bring in the right head coach toe, understand who you are, Zubin as a player and what your strengths and weaknesses are along with Joe Douglas, you may not have to move on from Sam, because if you look at what they figured out in Cleveland with Baker Mayfield, we don't need four wides and shotgun formations 75% of the time to win football games.

  • We need a running game.

  • We need a defense, and we need our quarterback to be better than a manager.

  • Can Sam do that?

  • If I'm a confident offensive coordinator and brilliant mind, can I get him to do those sort of things?

  • Or do I want to play five wides, four wides?

  • Throw the ball all over?

  • You're not gonna win in the National Football League doing that?

  • What team outside of Kansas City, which still has a running game?

  • A zwelling Green Bay that's balanced a swell as the New Orleans Saints?

  • This balance a swell.

  • As the Rams that's balanced Seattle's balance.

  • Tampa Bay's balance is throwing the ball all over the line, so you get a balanced situation going.

  • You stick with that quarterback, you take that number to pick and you dangle it out there for some suckers to go get a quarterback that they think is the next, the next.

  • That's what you do.

  • Well, I would say that, Zubin, you know Joe Douglas.

  • Obviously, you have enough time to make that evaluation on where you think Sam Donald's future will be, but nobody's.

  • It's not a lock that Trevor Lawrence is going to the Jaguars.

  • I mean, you could have a situation which Ryan Day becomes the head coach for the Jags, and all of a sudden, Justin Fields can end up becoming Number one pick, and you have to be fluid.

  • You have to, you know, adjust on the fly.

  • If the Jets end up having a chance to draft a guy like Trevor Lawrence, the one thing I will say is regarding to Sam's fifth year option for 2022 right?

  • He'll likely, UM, it would likely be more than 25 million.

  • That seems highly unlikely that they will commit to give Donald that, considering his inconsistent play.

  • So the main question is so with Donald playing on that final year of his contract, if you were to bring him back, he could put the Jets on the hook for a big contract in 2022 if Donald plays well or losing him for nothing after that season because his trade value will be gone.

  • So my thing is fluid, but their guys out there, like Justin Fields, those guys out there like Zach Williams, Zach Wilson, who, if you if you don't wanna pay the money down the line for San Donald.

  • If you don't think he's the guy, then you obviously put a rookie quarterback in that situation with the rookie contract and you go out and get better assets to surround him, to build towards the direction your head coach once ago, if you were worried about the money aspect of it to guarantee money kicks in.

  • If Sam Donald's heard in the fifth year option, you don't have to address the fifth year option into the springtime.

  • All those guys, whether it's Josh Allen, whether it's Lamar Jackson, Baker, Mayfield.

  • Any of those quarterbacks in that class that got drafted in the first round, fifth year options coming to play in the springtime and Mike Tannenbaum will be on with this shortly at 6 30.

  • We could certainly ask him about the fifth year option.

  • And then when you take a look at what that is for Sam, you say Okay, here's where Joe Douglas in the new head coach kind of gets in a little bit of a pickle.

  • If you move on from Sam and Sam goes somewhere, I don't know.

  • Just throw a team out there San Francisco and he turns into Ryan Tannehill.

  • Oh, and then you draft Trevor Lawrence or Zach Wilson or or Justin Fields or any quarterback that's floating around out there that you think you like.

  • And he turns into Tim Couch.

  • Now what?

  • Now?

  • What do you So you've gotta be sure as an organization is a general manager and a new head coach on the same page that I like some of the things that I see.

  • I'm not asking him to push the ball down the field 35 times again.

  • I don't want him doing that.

  • This is what I wanted to do.

  • This is what we're gonna get him to do.

  • Let's take that number to pick.

  • Let's get several picks for that.

  • And I think we can win with Sam, because me personally, if I was, if I was in this position just right now, I think they can win with Sam with right here coaching play, I think they can.

  • You don't have to worry about pushing the ball down the field because you took him as a three third pick in the draft.

  • That's out the window.

  • Thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

That leaves us that the Jets at number two.

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