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  • history tells us that we will definitely get surprised in the next few years.

  • That's the infectious diseases adviser to the U.

  • S.

  • President based on historical patterns.

  • He warned that the world was do another pandemic of some kind.

  • There will be a challenge the coming administration in the arena of infectious diseases, but also there will be a surprise outbreak.

  • It's been 100 years since Spanish flu, and now we have covert 19.

  • So will pandemics.

  • Diseases that affect nearly every country on Earth be the new normal.

  • We live in a cleaner environment which does not allow passages to thrive.

  • On the other hand, because we are encroaching into new environments, we are opening ourselves to UN unknown pathogens.

  • Many scientists and analysts argue that over the last 30 years, humans have created the ideal conditions to make a small outbreak of the virus go global.

  • It's almost like we've made the perfect storm.

  • What are the reasons?

  • Well, we've been traveling mawr, often moving countries, whether by choice or not on, we're sending stuff all around the world to food, animals, plants, gift's cities and towns are becoming more populated with people living closer together.

  • on.

  • We've been clearing land to build more homes, losing forests, which are often the source of new medicines and cures.

  • So does this mean scientists can tell us when the next pandemic will be?

  • Well, no.

  • No one was able to predict the SARS cov to pandemic because we didn't even know that this virus existed.

  • A scientists have been saying, We need to set up systems to prepare for such eventualities.

  • Viruses will keep appearing.

  • The challenge now is for governments to contain any virus that comes into their country on for people to change their habits, to reduce the likelihood of disease spreading to stop a pandemic like over 19 happening again.

history tells us that we will definitely get surprised in the next few years.

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Covid-19: Are pandemics the new normal? - BBC News

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