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  • 2020 is the year we all learned more about the devastation.

  • A tiny virus, Kenbrell, 2021 then will hopefully be the year we witness how science and changes to our behavior could put us back on track.

  • This is the U.

  • K's Margaret Keenan.

  • In December, she became the first person in the world to have the fighter beyond tech vaccine outside of a clinical trial.

  • But the World Health Organization says no one is fully protected until everyone is protected.

  • So the biggest question for 2021 is how to vaccinate the whole world.

  • That's where something called Kovacs comes in.

  • It's a new system set up by the big health bodies like Gavi, the Vaccine alliance.

  • Its aim is to ensure everyone who needs a vaccine most wherever they are in the world will have access to it.

  • The plan is to secure enough doses to protect at least a billion people in 2021 health care workers, and people over 65 are at the front of the key.

  • Yeah, but it's not the only vaccine that's important.

  • The World Health Organization says millions of Children are now at risk of catching measles on polio because of disruption to routine immunizations.

  • To tackle this, expect to see a newly designed polio vaccine and a global plan to thwart measles outbreaks in the next few months.

  • The new year will also bring much needed attention to Children's on caregivers.

  • Mental health.

  • UNICEF says there needs to be more support for the youngest minds.

  • It's worried about the long term impact on small Children because healthy young brains needs social interaction on stimulation to grow.

  • But it's clear we all need more good news.

  • And there is some.

  • The latest World malaria report shows there's been astonishing progress, with 10 countries being declared malaria free in the last two decades on the virus has made health systems on humans adapt in some unexpectedly helpful ways.

  • People may actually see their doctors less.

  • In 2021 ast.

  • Virtual hospital visits continue to grow.

  • Have been many covert tests on experimental treatments developed at speed like laboratory made monoclonal antibodies designed to help our bodies fight coronavirus.

  • And it's likely we'll Seymour innovation with better ways to detect and treat the disease.

  • The hardest question is if or when things will get back to normal no one knows for sure yet there are huge challenges.

  • But perhaps the crisis has a chance to re imagine a world where health comes first for everyone.

2020 is the year we all learned more about the devastation.

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