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  • most people have misunderstood their memory as intelligence.

  • Today we're moving into an era, are aware artificial intelligence is coming.

  • I'm being.

  • It's ridiculous.

  • Thing is, I'm being invited to speak in these conferences where there's debate about artificial intelligence.

  • So I asked him, Why are you asking me to come?

  • I am a natural intelligence.

  • Why are you asking me to speak in artificial intelligence?

  • No.

  • The problem is, what will we do?

  • We lose our jobs, I said.

  • I'm glad you guys will lose your jobs because the only stupid thing you have done is you read a book five years ahead of me and you think you're a superhuman on your acting funny in front of Children that you know better than them.

  • Just because you read a stupid book ahead of them, right?

  • This will mean nothing.

  • In the next 5 10 years, your scholarship, your PhD will mean nothing.

  • My phone can go 10 PhD's in a day.

  • It has that much information.

  • So you acting up holding a certain bank of memory and acting up like you're super smart.

  • These days are over.

  • There was a time.

  • If you're a big muscle, you really acted like a big man today.

  • If you have big muscle, maybe we'll keep you outside of the gate of the security Man.

  • You're not the boss here because of your muscles, isn't it?

  • The same thing will happen to your intellect simply because you have big memory.

  • You are not going to be of any great significance because the machines will do better than you.

  • This happened all the muscle men about 1500 years ago.

  • Yes, the machines came and took away the power of your muscle.

  • Now, machines, air coming, which will take away the power of your memory.

  • This is fantastic time now in future, the only thing that matters is what kind of a human being are you.

  • I want you toe emphasize the being because you're the only one who has the privilege of being called a being.

  • We don't call it tiger.

  • A tiger being a lion, a lion being an elephant, an elephant being or a grasshopper, A grasshopper being on Lee, You we refer to as a human being because you're supposed to know how, Toby, How far are we from?

  • Truth is that so once artificial intelligence comes on day takes over all the power of holding memory and thinking You're great.

  • Your scholarship, your PhD, your priesthood.

  • Everything will go away.

  • You read a handful of books and thought You are a great scholar.

  • Somebody read just one book and they thought their representatives of God, all this will go.

  • It's good times.

  • Coming part of your plan?

  • Yes, It's wonderful Plan.

  • Mhm.

  • Oh!

most people have misunderstood their memory as intelligence.

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