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  • If he has a big game today and secures them a playoff spot, they're all going to know his name and pronounce it correctly.

  • I don't think he has to worry about is linked in account just yet.

  • But Matt, what do you know about this guy?

  • Listen, it's I think it's an advantage for him and for the Rams.

  • It's an unknown opponent.

  • You hear the defense talking about.

  • Like what?

  • We've never seen the guy throw.

  • He's a dual threat, a quarterback.

  • He's actually a very good passer.

  • He was a four year starter at Wake Forest, and when he was at Wake Forest, he threw for 25 touchdowns and ran for 10.

  • But most recently.

  • And if you wanna watch film, you go back to the Arizona hotshot, where he led the A F in touchdown passes.

  • This guy is a gun slinger.

  • Look out for John Wolf.

  • Yeah, no, I mean, when you look at it, you know, I got to give a little props to Rick Neuheisel when he at him, but he bragged about this kid.

  • He's like, 5 11 or something like that.

  • So you got two of the shortest quarterbacks in the league going out of his Well, in one of the biggest moments, Like when you look at it, Look, the Rams, you know, we're all like, Yeah, Jared, golf.

  • I have a good game this when he No, Jared Goff.

  • But he has been playing so poorly that if you're a ramp and you're like, Let's look at this other, give us something.

  • You know, we can't be much worse.

  • So But you've got a phenomenal defense that the Rams gonna win this game.

  • It's gonna because of that man in the middle.

  • Aaron, Donald In that defense, that's what's gonna be the biggest advantage that the Rams have in this game.

  • You know, Woolford, we'll see how he's doing, you know?

  • But it's all about the D today.

  • It's gonna be hard for for the Arizona Cardinals.

  • Get it going.

  • That's a good defense on the other side, but I just think there's so much asked of Kyler Murray.

  • I mean, right now it's as a defensive player watching them play offense.

  • They come out and they line up.

  • I mean, that's it, and that's what they're in very static.

  • They're not moving them around.

  • There's no there there like the bottom of the league in terms of priest at motion.

  • So as a defender boom, I can set up, I can get, I can hunker in And then there it is.

  • I play the defense, Kyler Murray.

  • Then all of those looks are playing solid defense.

  • Then he has to do all the spectacular things he has to do, and defense is.

  • They're just catching up to him.

  • They're getting shots on him.

  • He's getting worn down.

  • He's a smaller player, and I don't really have a problem with the way he throws the ball, the technique and all of that stuff, because I mean, when you're 5 10, you got to do certain things to be successful in this league, and that's what he's doing.

  • But he has to be an outstanding athlete because defense's are just locking down on the place that they run well, Teddy, I have a problem with how he throws the ball when you look at all the magic that's been happening for the Arizona Cardinals.

  • Take it back to that dude when they was going against Josh Allen digs in the Buffalo Bills, All eyes has been focused on Mary and Hopkins.

  • And today the big question is, who is he throwing, too?

  • I mean, he's got Christian Kirk out.

  • He's got Larry Fitzgerald, who's questionable.

  • I mean, he doesn't have his running back and chase Edmunds.

  • He's also questionable.

  • The injury list for this game is very long for both teams.

  • Both teams is one of those games.

  • You figure out a way because you win this game and you are in the playoffs.

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If he has a big game today and secures them a playoff spot, they're all going to know his name and pronounce it correctly.

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NFL Week 17: Cardinals vs. Rams | NFL Countdown

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