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  • This is the day we have all been waiting for.

  • Notre Dame, Alabama Getting things started at four Eastern in the first Rose Bowl outside of Pasadena since 1942.

  • Ken Notre Dame Slow down Bama's offense tighter, averaging nearly 50 points a game, a school record.

  • And at eight Eastern, it's Ohio State and Clemson in the Allstate Sugar Bowl.

  • The Buckeyes have never beaten Clemson going on for all time, though.

  • Three of the four games were decided by six or fewer points, and the FBI sees that one as being tight to talk about this 50% chance for each toe win this one.

  • That's despite Ohio State being 7.5 point dogs, the most points they've gotten since 2015.

  • That Sugar Bowl against Alabama bringing in Mark Sanchez, now welcoming in the new year.

  • Talking some college football and Mark.

  • Let's start by talking about Justin Fields.

  • He seems to have more at stake today than almost any other player in either game.

  • What are you seeing on tape?

  • He really does.

  • But let's not hit the panic button just yet.

  • I know he's shown a little bit of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde when he's played this season, but it's only been six games.

  • Remember, he's only thrown eight interceptions in his whole career.

  • Trevor Lawrence last year through eight interceptions that season.

  • So let's look at this tape and I'll tell you exactly what I'm talking about.

  • Ryan.

  • First of all, Happy New Year.

  • This is This'll is a happy New Year type throw.

  • He understands what's going on.

  • It's cover three.

  • It's simple, he says.

  • I'm gonna dissect this defense.

  • I'm gonna throw you a dime.

  • Corner wants to sit on this hook route.

  • Okay, I'll I'll throw one right on the side lines, right to my favorite receiver.

  • But this this is the issue.

  • He sees an open receiver.

  • He understands that the seam route is gonna take away the inside defender, but he misses inside.

  • Everybody thinks he's throwing the seam route, but really, he just misses Thean round.

  • Don't get alarmed, Ryan.

  • This guy's gonna feel comfortable because his favorite target, Krystle Lobby, is back.

  • He sees the safety creeping towards the middle of the field, and what does he do?

  • He holds him there.

  • He keeps him in the middle of the field and then he drops a dime on the sidelines.

  • This'll kid is gonna be ready to go.

  • He understands what's at stake tonight.

  • He's ready to play.

  • Don't freak out, Ryan.

  • He's ready to go and having a lobby back.

  • Not a bad thing for him.

  • That's gonna be huge now on the other side, Some say Trevor Lawrence has less talent around him than in years past.

  • How much weight is he carrying tonight with Trevor Lawrence?

  • Listen, everybody understands what's going on.

  • The most important thing Trevor Lawrence could Dio is beat you in the run game.

  • What he does is he makes your numbers.

  • He outnumbers you in the run game.

  • He has this ability to throw the ball.

  • We already know that, but in the run game he has the ability to outnumber you.

  • So basically what they do is, you know, et en can run the ball.

  • But what he does in the zone read is outnumbers you around the edge.

  • That's where he's most dangerous.

  • One of these NFL teams is going to develop him as a passer, but with his legs.

  • That's where he's scary.

  • Okay, so finish my sentence here.

  • Ohio State wins if Oh, it's gonna be a tough one.

  • Last year they had a better chance to win.

  • I really think that game got away from him.

  • Couple calls went the wrong way.

  • That was their chance.

  • But this year, the most important thing is Justin Fields has to get off to a fast start and they have to get this ground game going.

  • They have to ground and pound their way to a victory and ground and pound their way to the national championship if they wanna win tonight.

  • So Clemson wins.

  • If.

  • Ooh, if they just keep things steady, they give you a steady dose of Travis et en They let Trevor Lawrence be Trevor Lawrence in the run and zone.

  • Read game.

  • Uh, if they can get Justin Fields into those, uh, Mr Hyde moments right, because he's shown some flashes of Oh, no, Why is he making this throw?

  • Most importantly, Brent Venables is gonna put him in tough situations and make it hard on Justin Fields.

  • So Clemson wins If they keep doing what we've seen for the last two seasons.

  • Thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

This is the day we have all been waiting for.

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