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  • and I know we've been talking about how you know patriots have struggled.

  • Tough year.

  • Tom Brady.

  • It's not about that.

  • This is about Bill Belichick, the G, M and R.

  • C.

  • When we were in our meeting earlier today, you were talking about Belichick, and you made this point of some people are better at doing a job than preparing an organization.

  • What did you mean by that?

  • And it s so what?

  • I mean, obviously, people go look at and say, Okay, he prepares the organization every time.

  • When I'm not talking about that, I'm talking about setting the table for the organization.

  • You look early on in his career, he had Scott P.

  • O.

  • Li there, and then you kind of saw them when certain ways you saw them win without having high draft picks and top players at positions on the outside.

  • You saw them when because they had Tom Brady.

  • And a lot of people are gonna point to what Tom Brady was always able to do by taking less money and allowing Bill Belichick to build a team.

  • What he also did was make everybody on the offense better.

  • Bill Belichick kind of settled in to liking a certain type of player of feeling like a certain type of player was good enough.

  • He never advanced Hiss scouting model as it went toe offensive players.

  • And now we're in this position where the best thing Bill Belichick does is when he has you.

  • He can pick the best guy on that roster and play the best.

  • Get them to play the best football.

  • Now you don't have those guys now.

  • You don't have those talents now.

  • You don't have those measurables and it's because you bought the groceries.

  • Bill Belichick, you set the table and now you are not eating grass.

  • What do you think?

  • Well, I disagree with my friend RC because I think that toe look at this one year as evidence that Bill Belichick doesn't know how to buy the groceries.

  • I I just think it is, overlooks the previous 20.

  • I think part of Bill Belichick Hall of Fame case is his history as a roster builder and I think one of the great accomplishments of Bill Belichick is that he has managed to defeat the NFL salary cap.

  • The entire system the league is based on is set up to prevent what Bill Belichick has done for the past 20 years, consistently fielding 10 11 12 win teams and winning multiple Super Bowls.

  • He's able to negotiate contracts in ways that, you know, get guys to take less to come famously, Tom Brady, almost every single time until the very end on negotiate in ways little things like getting guys to take incentive laden deals that they might not have accepted from other teams.

  • So we have what we're dealing with here is a bad year, and he's talking about it as something that he felt like he saw coming and that he'll have to figure out going forward, obviously, the opt outs on defense.

  • We've talked about a million times, but I think one year is not enough for me to convince me that Bill Belichick doesn't know how to put a new NFL quality roster together.

  • And as I hear this conversation and then I think about the conversation a lot of people have been having all year.

  • Okay, Tom Brady's gone.

  • This team's failing, and that sort of plays into part of this discussion.

  • But it begs the question.

  • Does this season prove that a great quarterback matters more than a great coach.

  • Well, I think that it does show that a great player, uh, matters extremely, uh, is more important than a great coach because of what he has to do on the field.

  • As faras execution is concerned, you could be the greatest coach in the world.

  • You can drop the greatest place offensively or defensively.

  • But if you don't have a person that position that can go out there and execute those plays of the high level on a consistent basis, then it's not gonna work for you.

  • You're not gonna have a Hall of Fame career.

  • That bill better check has now.

  • I think that Bill, he deserves the benefit for the doubt.

  • Listen, this guy didn't have the luxury lack of Coach Boone, who went from the ref sunshine when the red wasn't playing right.

  • He didn't hit on camera.

  • How was he?

  • Even though RC Cabinet would be out there on the field playing like a alley cat coat wearing hush puppy shoe wearing Joker, you know he can't go anywhere from that.

  • Once this guy started to play the way he played, he was already married to him.

  • I think he'll make some moves in the off season and that he has started to correct these issues that they had this season.

  • Bill Better Check deserves the benefit of the doubt.

  • The pages will be okay.

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and I know we've been talking about how you know patriots have struggled.

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