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  • doesn't just mean money.

  • It means creative license.

  • It means complete creative control.

  • It means no sense than anything I say, etcetera.

  • And I don't think there are very many major labels in the world today willing to go for some life.

  • We're using analysis on my bridge and low key.

  • You know, I know.

  • He sold thousands and thousands and thousands of albums with no radio, no TV, just off YouTube.

  • Now, if the music industry was just about making money, labels would be in down his door.

  • There's very few rock bands.

  • Very few pop artists that have sold the amount of albums he's sold has been able to sell out the carriage.

  • Both me and him, independently of one another have both sold out the garage in Holloway venue.

  • And what's the capacity?

  • 6 57 100 or whatever, which, as an independent artist, no song on the playlist?

  • My song on the playlist was seven years ago, right eight years ago, so no one could say it's because of the radio, literally because of a strong fan base online because of YouTube, etcetera.

  • We can sell that amount of tickets we can sell them.

  • Mercury sold so that my albums we sold label should be beaten down his door if they wanna make money right.

  • But his political messages is just never going to be there are gonna be played on the radio, not marketable.

  • But that's the thing that is market, because how is it he is able to sell that amount of albums?

  • And I'm out of tickets just a future.

  • If people don't want to hear all that political shit, how is his successor?

  • Immortal technique.

  • Success, You know, How is that explainable?

  • They tell us it's not market, but what they mean is again, it doesn't fit with the agenda of the people who control the music industry.

  • That's not about conspiracy.

  • What would be the consequences?

  • The song terrorists, for example, was that popular just off a YouTube video.

  • What would be the consequence if it was played daytime on Radio one?

  • Do you think people would just suddenly not like the song and not listen to what he's saying is unacceptable to be played at that time of day to that audience?

  • Not because it wouldn't resonate with them, actually, quite the contrary, because if it resonates with them, what are the consequences of that.

  • On what?

  • The consequences of making someone like Kareem Denis A.

  • K Loki, a national superstar in a country like this, he's not harmless.

  • He's got something to say.

  • What are the effects on people's consciousness of making someone like that a pop star?

  • So he will not be made a pop star, even if he can generate money.

  • And you're saying that starts to break down other institutions?

  • Political, of course.

  • Commercial, of course.

  • Everything.

  • Yeah, of course.

  • Bond.

  • This is not unique or knew.

  • A lot of people say is conspiracy.

  • No, Throughout the ages, even in the Bible, they talk about singers and players of instruments in their interaction with power.

  • You know, if we go from ancient Egypt, Thio, the groups of West Africa toe the poetry of the Islamic world.

  • The interaction between musicians and entertainers and power has always been there.

  • If we talk about the classical world where certain phrases were banned because they were considered devilish and demonic or associated with infidels with the moors etcetera.

  • So this interaction between music's spiritually and esoteric and human power and the power of the state and the church and all these other stakeholders in society has always been there.

  • This is just a modern manifestation of it, but when you talk about people to say conspiracy theory, toe watch the rest of this fascinating interview click on the Link below and Goto London Real academy dot com.

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doesn't just mean money.

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MUSIC INDUSTRY AGENDAS: Why The Music Industry Is All About The Money & Not The Music - Akala

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